The Arcana Heart 2 Doubleheader Extravaganza at Chinatown Fair (4/11- 4/12/08) + Vids

So we’ve had Arcana Heart 2 for about a week in Chinatown Fair, NYC…needless to say, this game has been MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL than part 1 at our location. Lots of hype, drama, grudge matches, money matches ALREADY AND WE’VE HAD THE GAME FOR LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!! :woot: I guess dudes were serious when they said “come see me in part 2” :rofl:

So anyway, since there were SOOO many people there on friday, me and Deathscythe decided to get shit poppin and run a quick tourney. since the machine is @ 75 cents a pop nad a bitch to reboot w/out event mode (
board is a windows xp embedded PC with looong startup times…) we just decided to run a single elim tourney, single game, $1 entry winner take all tournament. People were still THAT HUNGRY…

The 1st Arcana Heart 2 Tournament in USA results (16 people)
Single-Elim, Single Game, Winner Take All

  1. Justin Wong (Zenia)
  2. Andre (Clarice)
  3. Marn (Zenia)
  4. Sabin (Heart)

Me and Marn didnt have a 3rd place tiebreaker since it was a single elim tourney


  • Justin murking everyone with Zenia sway combos (he’s been practicing hardcore for some reason so he’s pretty good :P)
  • Andre keeping it hype with the epic close grand finals that went down to last last round last few picels etc… :wink:
  • CAB over XAQShinor (Saki vs Catherine)
  • 100$ MM sidebet (Nas backing Andre) vs Marn (backing himself)…Marn won…I think this was pre-tourney though?
  • Me getting top 3 even though it’s my first hour playing the game, literally, and everyone was DYINGGG to see me get raped, me getting rooted against as usual… :rofl:

Saturday’s tourney (8 people)

  1. Sabin (Elsa)
  2. Nas (Fiona)
  3. Andre (Clarice)


  • Andre getting taken out in a upset by Nas (then aftewards, he tried to claim that he didnt get to switch his character out, which is why he lost…even though I never said he couldnt switch…damn, dat arcana HATE… :wink:)
  • Nas going from tied for last place last tourney to 2nd in this tourney
  • Me beating Ken with my 1 1/2 hour Elsa :lovin:
  • Money matches afterwards: Andre vs Nas FT3 ($20), Andre takes it
  • Nas vs Deathscythe MM: FT3 for 20 (Fiona vs Zenia,) Nas takes it

Pics and Videos:
Pics of the Arcana Heart 2 Cabinet -
1 2 3 4 5 6

Crowd/Misc Pics
1 2
Andre vs Justin Grand Finals
Tournament Pot
Andre vs Justin 2Andre vs Justin 3To the victor, the SPOILS :rofl:

Videos from the 2nd Arcana Heart @ CF tourney: - Thanks to DS!


Sorry we couldnt get any videos of first day tourney!

Good stuff getting all this posted up, I was wondering when we’d see matchvids of US AH2. The hype is obviously there, hopefully I’ll be able to make it out to the next one.

Then foes would be able to see ME in part 2 :rofl:

Grats to the placers for both tournies! Thanks to art for the vids and for getting a buncha pictures!

Good to see the arcana 2 scene is staying hype! Hope to see more of this!

Good vids

Wow. Niggas hungry for 8 bucks? What can I say tho? People gotta eat lol.
Good matches.

That Day One Elsa was damn impressive. Haha.


Why did I leave early on Saturday? ):

Hey guys I forgot to post this video:


added to 1st post.

Single elim no losers bracket is too fun. DS is prolly gonna run another
one this friday since Art most likely cant come down. get hype!.

Yeah, time will be random(again). If I don’t get 10 or more people, then I’m not running it.


I really appreciate you posting these AH2 vids, Arturo. It’s definitely good to see Arcana Heart 2–of course now the only issue is I want this game after getting into AH1!..

I certainly hope this game catches on…

Maybe now would be a good time for me to come up a guess.

yo DS run that son!!! ill be there for sho!! with random mm schemes!!!

Awesome to see you guys running weekly’s for AH2. It’s even more awesome to see the hype for this game.

Thanks for the vids and the pictures.