The Arcana Heart 3 Thread

Just fun info about the game. I’m an Arcana Heart noob myself so it would be good to hear from some knowledgeable people.

finally, an AH3 thread i can actually post up in without being told to stfu!

no seriously though, if you are a noob i recommend making an account on…or that other website…i think its, not sure what goes infront of mizuumi,? can’t remember, maybe arcana…or was it wikia?
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It seems no one has posted here for 3 weeks, but as this is this is ‘The AH3 thread’ I won’t make a second one.

As AH3 is coming out in EU in about 3 weeks I wanted to more know about the game, specifically the Arcanas. Does it take a lot of time to understand all (20+ I believe?) of these? I don’t mind spending time diving into a game, but that might influence my buying SSFIV:AE for example.

So my question in short: how much time and effort does it take for an AH3 beginner to start playing AH3 in comparison to a fighting game without arcanas (or something similar like ‘-isms’ e.g.).

The Arcana system customises your chosen character(s) by giving them access to abilities unique to each individual Arcana.
[]Many provide different types of projectiles and other special and super moves (Water provides a command grab, for example). Their Arcana Blaze moves are also unique and not all of them are attacks per se.
]Some will change the way the game works, like mechanics (wind gives triple jumps and double air dashes, Ice changes your dash into a run, etc.) and properties (thunder gives you clash frames, earth gives you super armour, flower prevents counterhit damage and proration, etc.). These can occur passively and/or during Extend Force.
[]All of them have different health modifiers (that may positively OR negatively affect both your health AND your opponent’s health).
]All of them have different EF Guage recharge times for their Extend Force, Arcana Burst and Arcana Blaze activations.
[*]Each have different specialties - some are good for wakeup game (Dark, Thunder), others are good for zoning and spacing (Love), some add combo potential (Wind, Plant), others are good for being on the defensive (Flower), whilst there are a couple that add all sorts of gimmicks and shenanigans (Time).
You don’t necessarily need to learn how to play with all 23 Arcana to be proficient with a character. Many characters are good with a few Arcana choices, a couple are only competitive if you use one or two specific Arcana, while there are some who don’t even rely too much on their Arcana. Knowing what most of the widely-used Arcana can do is probably a good idea though.

Because of the variety and choice available, the Arcana system can be used in different ways:
[]You can use them to build on your character’s strengths, or cover her weaknesses.
]You can use them to build on the strengths of your particular playstyle and experience, or to cover your own weaknesses.
[*]You can use them for Arcana-specific combos, shenanigans and/or gimmicks.
Reading the Arcana Heart 3 wikiwill give you a better idea, not only of what the Arcana do themselves, but what Arcana are usually recommended to start off with for whoever you decide to go for.

As for how long it’ll take? Probably as long as it’ll take you to learn the character. I usually recommend choosing a neutral Arcana (like Love) and learning your character’s non-Arcana-specific BnBs first, before experimenting with individual Arcana with that character. That way, you can get a feel for whether that particular Character+Arcana combination is right for you and your playstyle. Arcana Heart 3 does take some diving into, but once you learn what’s necessary (characters, Arcana, combos and homing) you’ll probably have loads of fun with it.

Hope that was useful! :slight_smile: And enjoy!


Yes it is, thanks!

So far I like Lilica and wind. Is there another character combination that is similar to this one

Most people post on HomingCancel instead because it’s dedicated to AH3. It’s the same reason SRK doesn’t get much BBCS2 discussion - Dustloop steals all the traffic. There’s also the Fighting Game Discussion AH3 thread.

Knowing what in particular you like about Wind Lilica will make that an easier question to answer.
Do you like having a strong dash? Mess around with other characters and Ice (forwards run) or Time (improved reversal backdashes)
Dash followups? Zenia has a command dash with followups, but it’s not as key to her game as Lilica’s is. Beyond that, you can cancel Ice’s dash into attacks.
Air mobility? Anyone with wind - specifically try Akane, Clarice, Catherine, and Clarice. Also consider Konoha + any arcana.
Rushdown? Akane, Heart, Weiss, Elsa, Angelica, and Konoha are solid in-your-face offensive picks.

Something else? Post it up :slight_smile:

I liked the strong dash, but after playing the game a little more, I think I’m going to settle for plant Kamui. I liked being agressive, and Wind lilica gave me a lot of attacking options (or so it seemed), but her combos didn’t seem to do that much damage to me, while plant Kamui can do around 8000 damage meterless. I did like Clarice and Petra though. I liked they she could be aggresive from a distance (and Clarice’s beast 4C lol).

I’ve got this pre-ordered for 360 if anyone wants to play, feel free to add me (or PM me if my XBL friends list gets full, need to purge SF only players soon).

All the good resources for this game are on and youtube and for community. Though I haven’t played the game, the engine looks perfect for a PowerPuff Girls fighting game :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: my GT is “Mad Mistress” (sans quotes)

This game is so fun, Just played it today, It’s like a UMVC3 + KOF put together.

I apologize for necroing this thread but this is a really good game.