The are there any players in Bryan/College Station thread

yeah … so are there?

Well, I’m not sure I actually qualify as a player, but the funny thing is, I posted that exact question on the Houston thread a couple of weeks ago. I was really into MvC2 when it came out, but I really haven’t played it since 2002. Since I’m in a college town I figured I might actually be able to play again, but I hadn’t heard anything about this area on Shoryuken, and arcades here seem to be nonexistent. Plus its summer, so a lot of people aren’t around.

10 years ago there used to be 3 arcades in BCS, best being in the basement of the MSC. To the best of my knowledge, no one plays there now. Anyway, I’ll be in CS next weekend, if you’re up for some games that aren’t Marvel I’d be down.


They still have the arcade in the Student Center basement? Man, I used to own that place. Good times, good times.

When did you use to play there?

92-95. I was “the guy with the hat” that no one ever told me to take off.

About that time I recall a guy who played Sean in New Generation, dude would parry Gill’s fireball if he was on the left, but couldn’t parry twice in a row if he was on the right, any chance that was you?

Well, I’m BCS and definitely always looking for people to play. I’m mostly a Marvel player, but I’ll play anything.

Hmm. I have only seen two games in the MSC basement–a gauntlet and a ddr. I was greatly disappointed. I went to UH and their student center had a huge arcade–it was one of the main game places before the stargate. I’m not sure if the UC gameroom is still around either.

I’m an old timer with a wife and daughters, and my wife isn’t too keen on the games, so it wouldn’t be wise of me to open up my house to play. If someone else is playing though, I’m in.