The Arkansas Thread! We're not dead! We've just moved to Facebook :)


Max we talked about this earlier this week. If you’re still interested… I’ll try and find you housing. Just let me know.


Woah we have a thread?! lol >_<


It was super active for a while. Then it died.


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<div class=“QuoteText”>It was super active for a while. Then it died.</div>

Maxx I just wanted to say Thanks for helping me find the scene in ARK. Now I have a money match with the states best player! :wink:


No prob bro. We’ll see how it goes haha.


Hmm I see…


FYI to all you SRK forum lurkers… We are having a NWA/Central Arkansas meetup tomorrow (Saturday 2/22/2013) all day. People are showing up around 11AM and playing all day.


I kno this is far away and kinda shitty cause its on a sunday but I gotta at least try. ssf4 and umvc3 monthly in Tulsa,Ok. Right next 2 riverspirit casino and alot of good places to eat. Doors at 1pm and registration ends at 1:30pm. Doors close at 6 but will stay open longer if needed. Please bring setups. Just 360’s and monitors with ae2012 and umvc3 dlc


Are there any locals/sessions for UMVC3 in Conway? I wan’t to step it up from a online player/stream monster and start going to locals/tournaments.
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There are a lot of Marvel players in Conway that I can help you get ahold of. There are weekly meetups in North Little Rock and semi-regular tournaments in Little Rock. We just held a tournament this past Saturday. For the most up to date info, check out our Facebook group here:
Hit me up (MaxX on Facebook) and I can get you whatever info you need.


So, what’s this about Zangief being low/mid tier in SFxT? Does Lili have a best friend I should know about? And Chun Li, S Tier? I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to play this game at all…

Vergil seems way easier to play than Zero… but those loops… And blue blazes, Nova players make him look awesome! Still not willing to give up on my Dormms.

I dunno about AE these days… But when in doubt, I Kunai.


For the newer players from Arkansas-
Pretty much everyone has moved to Facebook. Please join us there!


Conway meetups live. Fuck facebook.

That is all.


Yeah No one really checks this thread. Zangief isn’t mid tier. Still top tier. Lili is usually best paired with Hwo, Nina, Chun, Xia, Cammy, and many others. Chun is really good but not unbeatable and damage output is low.


That worked out well!


If anyone happens to dig up this thread, there’s two things going on in NWA in August. We’re hosting a tournament in Springdale on the 10th and streaming every Friday!


So Jonesboro, do we have a fight night? if so, when and where?


I’ll check the Facebook group and see who’s active.


Figured I should bump this now that SFV is out and we’re active again. We have consistent meetups in LR on Wednesdays. Panda from Pandaxgaming is planning hosting meetups (with stream!) on Tuesdays in Conway. No info on anything but Central, though. Please join the FB group if you’re interested, we’re much more active on there:


This thread… good times.