The Art of Fighting Appreciation Thread


Nobody play this in ggpo/2df?

I love the matches in versus that I had sometimes (I always play with koreans by some strange reason)

Anyway, opinions?


lol i was planning to open a thread myself about this series. :bgrin:
i play sometimes AOF 1 on 2df, and i usually use Todo. I know he just has a move but i dont like other chars.
AOF 2 was a great improvement, but i played in vs only once.
The best is AOF 3, great graphics and not bad gameplay.
Here a awesome combo video for AOF3:


AOF 2 had a great Versus, AOF 3 is a decent game, but I don’t like the ‘‘juggle’’ system


yep, the juggle system is not really SNK style but at least it s different from AOF 1 and 2.
and… i love the graphics there. Really smooth animations too!


IMO those are the best graphics that snk had developed for the neo geo. In the other hand, garou is pretty impressive too. I can’t decide between these two


yes the best graphics made for neogeo were AOF3 and MOTW, no doubt about it.
just think about (AOF3) the shadows… i mean the other 2d fighting game with this feature is only KOF XII. There is a stage (AOF3) where there is the shadow of the tree where u can see the difference between light and dark.
SNK was too ahead…


And graphics were the only thing going for that game.
You get hit, you fall down. Game was boring. Oh yeah, what about that fucking pelican that can OTG you…


That pelican was boss, don’t be hating.


Can’t appreciate things that aren’t good.


What do you mean?


i still love how the faces can be deformed in AOF … it’s hilarious and kinda of realistic xD
and the nude ko? how can we forget about that??!?!? xD


How exactly is AoF2 played BTW? I don’t think I’ve ever seen how it’s ever played.


what do u mean?


Art of Fighting was a series full of interesting concepts, but terribly executed.


You can’t appreciate AOF because it’s not good.


…and what exactly do you mean by the AoF series not being good?

@fiol- Are there any ‘top player’ matches of AoF2 on the net?


ah that :slight_smile:
i couldnt find any… only some online playing (recorded from 2df) and some aof3
dunno anything about top players :confused: