The Art of Fighting collection

The Art of Fighting Collection came out in Japan last week and was I wondering how did it turn out? Was it good or bad? Did they have the option to play the games in English like they did for the KOF Orochi collection?

Yeah i’m curious about this too. Anybody whose got it, is it worth picking up? I’m a pretty big fan of AoF.

I believe I read that it’s just emulated like the Last Blade and KOF Orochi Collections.

I missed preordering it, and no shops on Okinawa have it in stock at the moment. I’ll have to go online.

yeah you can play em in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese…games usually start up with a option menu before you jump into VS or Story modes…

That’s good. It pretty much seams as if SNK was sitting around their offices and said “well Sony won’t let us release our games in the US and Microsoft is not being too friendly either. So since our US fans will import hits anyway let’s throw the English version on there as well.”

Not really as the languages were already programmed in the original ac/home versions and were selectable, and with the games being emulated… but yeah kinda ironic.

Wanna learn the perfect AA for each character in this game? Watch the CPU abuse it vs. YOU 9/10 times when you jump on level 8!!! I aint even talking about Young Geese either (the secret boss you can get to only if you dont lose a round all the way past Mr. Big)


I hate reacting cpu programs, fireball = jump, I was playing 95 today that shit got on my nerves, I got to orochi rugal but that took me ages and I couldnt be assed to carry on, going to my friends to play some, 2players vs fireball = other player WTF I pressed jump, this game is fixed.

haha the drama.

Wow, this game is definitely casino worthy.

Hahaha good to know people can get enjoyment in it…is it confirmed though that AOF3 is in the game? I’ve heard that it isnt in the collection…so that means no Wyler…(who is one of SNK’S worst Ideas for a boss IMO ever)

One thing though to ponder…which game came first AOF or Eternal Champions? Bc if you think about it closely…their fighting engines practically mirror each other…with Aofs expanding on it a little bit…

AoF Collection contains all three AoF games. The games are emulated but done very well imo. No sound issues and unlike what NCSX said, I didn’t find any frame issues either.

Honestly I feel abit intimidated posting this in SRK because I am no pro at these games and have never ever owned the original carts so I can’t do a comparison but from a gamers point of view all 3 games are very playable. The controls seems a lot better than I remembered (I remembered when I was young and playing the arcade version and not being able to pull any moves off) since after a bit of practice I am able to consistently pullout the specials and DM moves in boh AoF1&2.

As usual, arranged soundtracks are available for all three games. Colour edit mode as well. For AoF1 you can use Mr.Big and Mr.Karate in vs mode without having to enter the code. Unfortunately you can’t use Young Geese in AoF2. All three games play with no laggy control issues. Amazing soundtracks. Great special special sound effects for every punches and kicks and of course the good old screams when you get knock out or knock off your feet.

AoF3 is amazing and it is the first time I have ever play the game. I could not believe how smooth the game looks along with the huge sprites and colourful settings. Amazing for its time and still quite a looker even now. Great controls as well.

Now, from what I read in SRK it seems there is hate for SNKp for releasing these emulated titles. True the Last Blade collection wasn’t all that but SNKP definately have improved a whole lot, first with the KoF Orochi and then this collection. Well worth getting if you have no other means of playing the games (not counting roms) or do not already own the original carts.

This is good to hear Bolo…and nice avatar…I was expecting Bolo from the Bruce Lee movies but nope…Kuroko…who would kick Bolos ass…

Good thing SNKp is listening to our concerns in regards to the games…now we can possibly start up good discussion and maybe they should re-release the Last Blade Collection for us please???Make it worthwhile and give us a shitload of extras like give us LB 1 +2 and Final Edition GOLD or something with extra characters…Bolo feel free to share your Snk thoughts at

Good job!:wgrin:

EDIT: And they dont need to make Young Geese playable…they knew what they were doing…they released this game AFTER The US release of Neo Wave…now you all can see where Young AOF2 Geese got his roots from…stage in NW is exactly the same as it is when you get to the early Geese Tower in AOF2…

I need arranged Geese ni Kiss

The sad part is that they didn’t even bother adding the NeoCD version of AOF3 (which had even more animation, more intros and more overall dialogue). Why do they have to be so lazy? The DC extras were also missing from LB.

At least the KOF99-2001 pack will have the DC versions also…

I wonder if RB will have the NeoCD extras, and if they’ll put RBFFSDM in there…

i always have a tought time pulling moves on the aof1 on the MVS, version and i dont play them too much exept aof3 cuase in 1 & 2 i get my ass pretty much handed to me in the first round:rofl: :wgrin:

funny that a Roid Rage Overly Muscle Bound MEXICAN happens to be one of if not the worst boss idea…

and Takuma’s Ryuko Ranbu in AOF2 is so pure, so painful, so beautiful, so hurtful…that last standing uppercut right before the Haoh Sho Koh Ken happens to just make the opponent spit out that quick burst of blood right before they meet their demise in the form of a wall of energy is just…god damn great…

edit - lest we forget “Ultra Beelzebub Bah Boom”

Oh and Ryo in AOF3 has a nice 100% juggle in AOF3…Aof3 in itself stands off from the others with its dial a combos…its a different touch…but it kinda IMO makes the game all about memory bc you have to memorize the dial-a-combos…

Yeah lets not get started on Wyler…how the hell you go from A kick ass Young Geese with Fatal Fury background story when you beat him in AOF2(SPOILERS YES I SAID IT!!!) to Wyler??

One thing that did dissapoint me about NeoWave…why the hell didnt they keep Geese’s bgm from AOF2 and put it in NeoWave for his level? That’s a cool BGM for him in Aof2…

You can get the AOF 2 Geese arranged soundtrack off Galbadia…I already got it…just listening to it makes me wanna go perfect that fool with Mr. Big of AOF2…


K, after this info I sure buy this one. Ah the good old AOF 3. I really enjoyed the more 3D like fighting engine, especially the juggels and throw game.^^

I assume there’s no training mode in this either?