The Art of Punishing



before I do explain how to do it. Keep in mind…it’s pretty useless as far as unthrowables go in SF4.

But anyway, you can make any of his specials unthrowable for three frames are so. Only a few grabs barring Seth’s tandem engine have more than 3 active frames, i’m sure there are a couple of other examples, but that’s what i can think of off the top of my head.

To do it, you have to “cancel” your pre-jump frames where you are still on the ground, but considered airborne, so they’re throw invincible, into the attack. So in the case of TAP, what you would do is hold up, and release TAP within that four frame window. In the video on my utub, I did it on wakeup, which makes it much easier to see. The meaty setup I used with Balrog was this: fwd.throw, fwd.dash, j.hp, slight delay, normal throw. It’s almost identical to the meaty jab setup with a slight delay, if you don’t delay it, it’s more likely to whiff since Balrog is almost impossible to grab on his first wakeup frame.

You can also do it with his dash punches, by going from down+back, to up+forward. The easiest way to know that you did an unthrowable on wakeup, is that the attack comes out very fast, but isn’t a reversal. Thus meaties beat unthrowables, since you can’t block during pre-jump frames (or in the air for that matter).

For anyone else’s reference to What Tooserius is talking about:


So what’s the input look like for doing an un-throwable torpedo??

Turn punch makes sense to me because you can just go ‘up, release’

for the others is it ‘back, up-foward, kick, down-foward’ ?

(I’ll edit back with notations when I find them)


Edit: ahh… probably the same/similar to a rush upper, but in truth, probably next to impossible to do, since you’d need to go from up forward, to down-forward + button inputs within a 4f window. Unthrowable isn’t useful enough to be practiced enough to be able to do an unthrowable torpedo imo.


Yeah I just realized I wouldn’t really do a torpedo anyway, probably stick to rush upper.
I’m soo amazed by this…just when I thought I had learnt all the little tricks and stuff you post up this new one :slight_smile:

(Thanks heaps for everything you do on this forum)


can these unthrowables be done after a turn around punch?


Yes, they can be done anywhere. I like where your head is at, lmk if you can get that out consistently.


The unthrowable TAP loses to a non meaty normal throw right?
just trying to think of more uses for this, is there any where you 100% should be doing it?


Yes and no. Unthrowable tap converts the first four startup frames (identical to the number of pre-jump frames) to throw invincible frames since you’re considered airborne. Generally the answer is yes, if the throw is meaty on the first or second frame, unthrowable TAP will avoid it no matter what. Most throws have 2-3 active frames, off the top of my head I can’t think of any exceptions. So if a throw is late, say the input is done as soon as you wake up, then yes, it should be able to throw unthrowable TAP.

Again I think unthrowable TAP is interesting and cool and only really viable if you have a really good read, say against a a character with a command throw: example (1) Abel, lots of Abels like to tick throw into a TT, you can use unthrowable TAP to avoid and punish his recovery, genrally only lvl 1 is safe as the others are more than -3 or example (2) if you think Gief’s going to tick throw into U1/Super, you can use unthrowable TAP after getting his with meaty knees and holding up, but generally holding up is the better option since you get a full jump in punish.

I think it’d be more useful if we got more advantage off of lvl 1 TAP normally or after FADC, (but it’s got the same frame data on FADC, higher lvls >lvl 1, will get -2/+2 if FADC’d AFAIK) but as it doesn’t, it kind of puts you in a worse off situation for a good read and a very complicated input in terms of Balrog’s execution.