The artbook is complete!

The full title: Fighting Art: An Artbook from Artists who love Fighting Games (long I know!)

Here’s the cover, back cover, and first few pages;

Some of the art showcased in the thread didn’t make the book, mainly due to size issues. Also some pictures were altered to fit the format. Only one b/w picture made it into the final book (Tokoyama2000). Unfortunately, we’re paying for color, so a bunch of b/w pics and sketches just weren’t going to cut it. The book is glossy cardstock cover, with 28 full color pages. 8 of those pages are double page spreads. Some of the smaller art was combined.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. If this book gets into Indyplanet, I’ll be in contact with all of you. We’ll have much business to discuss. :slight_smile:

Awesome! This is exciting! Are they up for ordering now? Or is that were indyplanet comes into play?

You can wait for Indyplanet (if they pick up the book), or you can go through me. However, my books won’t arrive until July. If we can get into Indyplanet, it’ll probably be up in a couple of days. I’ll keep you posted.

sweet! keep us updated on the release!

You can now order the book on Indyplanet. Here’s the link;

:: IndyPlanet :: A Whole New World of Comics

Cool, but the preview image isn’t working.

Yeah, I contacted them. It should be up soon.

SO, who were all the artists featured? I know that you(obviously)are in it, Me, Fire-Tisane, Tokoyama, and Blakmind.

Oh snap. I never though I’d live to see this day!

Just placed my order

Great job guys. Good to see artist come together to pull something like this out. I’ll have to check it out.

Here’s the list from the inside front cover of the book;

Uploaded with

Still waiting on Kablam to put the images up… :frowning:

just ordered mine! :tup:

Did you decide to leave me out?

Just received my copies in the mail. Really impressed with the overall quality. If you guys sent me money for the order, the book will be going into the mail tomorrow. Once again, it was a blast guys, hope we can do it again sometime.

Sorry Teben, you never sent me a hi-res version of your work, so I couldn’t include it. Maybe next time bro.

Oh really art book is Complied that is a big news for me. When it was completed.?