The "Ask a player" thread

This thread will be monitored by any Dante’s willing to help out, but for now just me.

Anyone can help, but please be aware of one’s own skill level. I would prefer most answers to be from strong players, to ensure the advice is actually useful. If you aren’t a strong player, but still think you might be able to help, if you could just denote that the advice is conceptual, that would be great.

One thing I’ve realized about Dante is that every player (Including “Top” players) have a lot to learn about Dante, and the real problem is most don’t even realize it. Personally, I know I need to learn more about Dante, but simultaneously I have a large wealth of information to hand out. For BOTH reasons, I want to host a thread where I will try to answer any question asked of me. I am somewhat busy, though, so I wanted to open the door to any and all players who think they are a strong, competitive Dante player who knows correct information (This is really important).

Thanks guys, if there is enough interest this could really help both everyone else and me. Also, if you’ve ever seen me play and were confused about something I did (Such as "Why did you lose to Haggar reverse OCV in tournament??? That doesn’t seem like a good idea!), feel free to ask me that as well.

Why did you think forward was the back directional when playing CJ at Hadocon?

Also, what do you think are the best meaty setups on an incoming character? Everyone seems to do Acid Rain into teleport mixup, which is a solid option, but I’ve seen you do Crystal as well. Charged multi-lock seems interesting since it’s homing, but I’m not too sure if it’s any better than the basic meaty Acid.

Actually a really good question that I didn’t even think about. I use Crystal specifically against characters (Or players with a specific read) who either don’t have an airjump/dash/airmobility or most commonly push buttons on forced in (Example, zero H, for you specifically, or Taskmaster mighty swing air mobility commitance to an attack). Crystal can visually confirm into million dollars, which, with an XFC, is a free kill into your last character (or you just lost, dependant on which forced tag in we’re on).

What’s really cool about Crystal is it’s +8, meaning forced pushblock. If your opponent doesn’t KNOW the frame data, though, you just get one of the dumbest mix ups in the world instead, a mash proof point blank teleport mix up, if you have an assist like Tron. So the same exact thing you had before, except with another possibility of instantly killing your opponent.

Multi lock is useful, but you need a lot of time. Recommended as an option after a L3 kill or against a passive player. Other debatably interesting options that aren’t used are Revolver (Can be a subtle way to catch a phoenix airdash with good timing, +2 on block if cancelled to fireworks), jam session (Can cancel to devil trigger then teleport using the advantage. Not efficient, but useful against players who struggle in new situations)

This dumb question is for anyone really.

I’ve been messing with bold cancelling Dante’s normals into air dash j.H offence like cr.L and cr.M. Cr.M seems to benefit a lot from this. Since cr.M has massive range, you can hit someone from a good range and get in on them with j.H. Also, you can bold cancel cr.M quick enough so that cr.M cancels into airdash just before it hits. In theory, it should act like a feint, I was thinking it might be decent against reactionary players during strings to trick them into blocking low then going high with something like Hammer(the fastest overhead I could think of from that position) but it seems too slow for that.

Is this a viable tool for Dante’s offence with or without assists?

Fun question, for sure.

I think this strategy is more viable in creating frame traps than utilizing with Bold Cancel, but that’s just my opinion. In this exact example, I would instead recommend something like 2L 5L (2M) Reverb Shock, where 2M is pressed but not allowed to hit, and instead cancelled to Reverb, a highly active move great for hitting people for pushing buttons. Does that sound any good?

Good call also, JD, below. Also consider cancelling it to teleport to let your assist cross up.

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The only real use Ive found for that (I call it Kara Bold Cancel) is that you can set up a crossup without being too obvious.
I would use the cr M to set up the distance for the square jump (out of the bold cancel) to cross up.
I play Dante Storm Doom, so I would usuall call doom to cover me, and then position myself in a distance that doesnt look like it can crossup, but it does after using the Kara. Nobody really expects it.

I been playing my team since day 1, and I dont really pick any other characters, so I guess I’ll help in this thread.

Thanks guys. As for the Reverb Shock feint with cr.M, I’ll try it out. I don’t have much vs experience, on account of not being able to regularly play against live people due to studies and junk, so can’t comment too much about that, but it sounds good. :slight_smile:

You can add my name to the list of people willing to answer questions. I don’t have a problem helping others out.

Same here. I work in a call center and check out the forums regularly in between calls, so I’m usually available all day on weekdays. I usually only check the forums a couple times over the weekend though.

Great idea for a thread guys. Anyways I posted this comment in the general discussion board, which for some reason has turned into a second combo thread for some reason. It got passed over, but its really about corner defense, something Dante has a hard time with out an invincible assist. Anyways this is what I posted and I’m looking for any insight…

Hey guys, quick discussion about corner defense. When I get boxed into a corner, I’m having difficulty fighting my way out of it against pixies with fast normals (i.e Zero, Wolvie, Amaterasu). Obviously none of my normals will beat them, so I try an escape first of SJ then AD, or obviously pushblock and call assist. However, ecspecially with Wolvie, these options still seem very dangerous. Often if I SJ out, Wolvie throws me back into the corner if I don’t tech in time. Also pushblocking and calling assist (I have Akuma tatsu) isn’t all that effective due to berserker slash which also could land me a dead Akuma too. Teleport is out of question just because we know how unsafe it is with out an assist to cover you. Im just curious what other strategies you guys have found to get you out of the corner effectively with out changing to an invincible assist. My only other idea is jump back hammer…still seems readable when corner pressure is applied though.

Jump back hammer is great for escaping pressure especially against very aggressive characters. And it’s not like it has terrible recovery, it’s very + on block and the invulnerability means it will outright beat or escape whatever they’re throwing out. Even on whiff it’s a bit hard to punish. I swear it’s gotten me out of many dumb situations just because of all the invincibility frames. You could try jump back tatsu assist + hammer, your hammer will cover your assist from being punished and the tatsu will clear the way. Also, if you happen to have DT trigger active, you can try to psycho crusher, which has longer startup than hammer (invincible from frames 10-32) but will get you the hell out of the corner.

Yah, I figured as much with the hammer. Wolvie’s have just been blowing me up lately with berserker slash tatsu corner pressure. I just have to work on pushblock->BC->Hammer or just pushblock -> jump back hammer. Thanks for the input.

I’d like to be added to the list of Dante’s. I’m willing to answer questions and I know a lot about Dante and the game in general.

As for the question about getting out of the corner, jump back Hammer does work some wonders, especially when you know they’re gonna swing at you, but if they’re scouting it you may want to do something simpler like anti air M or push block and then teleport (watch for air throws on that.) But you will have success spamming nothing but Hammer until people respect it. Once they are wary, you have a bit more control.

  1. Can I use a DHC glitch with Wesker > Dante? And with Dante > Wesker?

If yes, how? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. How do I consistantly pull of Jet stream xx Crazy Dance? It comes out 1/10 times if I mash it but I want to have it 100%


From wesker > dante you have to do a command throw with wesker, do rhino charge, then do devil trigger. I personally don’t know much about wesker so spacing may be an issue etc.

Dante > Wesker you can crazy dance > devil trigger > rhino charge and do a combo, but this is risky as not many dantes have the timing down for crazy dance, so it’s better to do grapple (236h, 236h) into devil trigger, then into rhino charge for the dhc glitch.

Crazy dance from jet stream is the easy way to go, but remember you only have 5 frames to input the S for crazy dance to come out, just sit and practice the timing, you’ll get it eventually.

You can add me to the list of Dante’s as well (also working at a call center hehehe)

Use LIGHT Command throw with Wesker ( i always use the light one anyways, more range)

Dante to Wesker dhc trick:
If u use the grapple dhc setup, you lose the wall bounce combo for wesker, but still good damage nonetheless

I find Crazy Dance off of Reverb Shock to be the easiest. However with Jetstream, if u miss crazy dance, u have time to confirm the miss and cancel to Million Dollars just in case.

I didn’t really expect this many people willing to help, thanks guys. :rofl:

Looks like it’s going to be a great board. Since there’s so many people willing to help, I’ll just remove the names list and say everyone’s good. Wouldn’t want to stifle creativity :lol:

As far as I can tell, all of the answers so far seem spot on. Getting out of the corner against wolverine is HARD. I would personally recommend having a strong reversal assist, because that was one of the things that destroyed me before I picked up Tron.

I need some help landing the volcano j. H airplay j. H s. H midscreen. It’s just after airplay, the opponent is too far away for me to hit with the st. H. I’ve tried dashing after airplay but my my timing must be off or something because by the time I dash, their already flipping out of the combo.

I also saw something in a match and I’ve been trying to test it out but I can’t get it midscreen either. Don’t even know if it’s better than what I was doing before. But I just saw in a match someone was doing cold shower after j. H airplay etc. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing but I would do

j h airplay j.h land m h xx cold shower xx prop shredder

Now here is something else I can never land consistently; The Hammer. That’s what I’m thinking is the best option is midscreen wise. But I can’t get the timing on that either. I’m doing it too soon or too late. I land it sometimes but I need consistency.

I practice with Dante and I feel like I never get better with him. I can do the combos somewhat but I’ll always drop something so I keep doing it over and over. But I think just need to figure out the proper timing on these things, because I think that’s killing me. Any suggestions?

Because where I’m at now, I feel like I’m doing the same combo over and over in the corner and never making any progress. I really hate the stick I have so I’m not trying anything too crazy. But this is what I’ve been doing.
:l::m::h: :f::h: BC volcano j. :h: airplay j:h: :s: charge shots xx prop shredder xx purple rain j. :s: cold shower xx stinger bc j :s:beehive …

I skip the st. H because the shots don’t land all the time when I do it. I’m open to any suggestions. Better timing, a better combo I could try. Whatever. I really want to get good with Dante but I’m not sure where to start.

Now I can do it pretty well but I’ll either screw up the purple rain timing or screw up the beehive and I find myself constantly doing the same combo over and over. I try to do midscreen but I always end up in the corner and I keep doing it. I also suck going to the left. I can’t do beehive, hammer going left. It just feels awkward.

For the j.h, airplay, j.h midscreen, try time the first j.h (forward jump) pretty early after the volcano and immediately cancel into airplay. After this you have to delay the second jump h a bit, and as soon as you land do the st.h. The st.h should connect. For the variation with cold shower instead of charge shots you have to dash, either after the airplay (airdash) or as soon as you land after the second j.h. Personally imfind this harder than the charge shot one, plus it does less damage. But i think it’s just personal preference.

For the problem with hammer/beehive facing left: try to not do the inputs to fast, do it precise. If you got it down in slow, try to go a little faster. This is just practice, there’s no trick doing it. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a question for EvilToaster or any dudes who are running Dante/Sent:

When you’re playing Dante, what are some safe ways to get Drones on the screen? I try to keep my game as safe as possible, but often when I call Drones I feel like it could be a dead Sent – how do I protect him using Dante?

Specifically, I’m looking for ideas on how best to call Drones in footsies/neutral situations (rather than in knockdown situations, which is obviously easier). Is this even viable against characters with quick projectiles/beams/hypers?