The Ass-Whooping Gallery


Other than the ones I’ve received, the only ass-kickings I’ve seen were online. I also witnessed a few at anime conventions, but I don’t think those counts because apparently people at conventions aren’t that good to begin with. This also raises another question: would it be considered a waste of money to attend an event such as EVO for example, and lose? I don’t believe so, but according to the comments in this video, a guy did, but that’s not important. What was the worst ass-kicking you’ve seen in competitive gaming?

Justin Wong vs GusGus



MechWarrior vs ChrisG








Shoutouts to Vanilla Marvel 3 being broke as fuck.




Me kicking my brothers ass in SFXT. He dosent like SSF4 thats why we play SFXT.




Sorry guys, but this is the most ferocious ass beating in FG history. 3 double snaps in only 2 games?


Does this count?



Any match against Ivan Ooze.


You’re acting like that can’t happen now.




Dios X best ragequitter video


The cheesy KI music kills me everytime (no pun intended).


Me vs Random Start of round Bionic Arm. Damn, that was an asswhoopin


Infiltration vs the top 8 in AE2012 at EVO2k12.

Seriously, that kind of total domination shouldn’t happen in a top 8 at EVO of all places.




me vs everything






That saltface at the end of the video! And I like how PR Rog just hightails it out of there. He’s all like ‘fuck this shit.’


Daigo on Afro Legends (not this Evo)


hyo vs DP was a pretty good scraping.

smoothviper vs golden nismor/cableguy/genghis, evo 06
sanford kelly vs toby, evo 09
sanford vs GhettoOnTheRise, sb3 i think?