The assist gems are good

The auto tech is crap cuz who cares about throws.
The auto block may or may not be good, but so far I haven’t seen a deadly mid/low mixup in this game, where both options grant a combo. And 1/3 bar combos are like twice the damage than meter-less combos so it’s not worth it at the moment.

The good gems though, are easy input and super easy input.
For most chars they don’t help much, but right now I’m using Zangief with super easy gem, and it DOESN’T erase the regular versions of the movelist, only adds “more” versions with the easy motion.
Now in addition to 360+P/K I also have U+P/K. (lol)
It has a built in extra startup (while you shine), but it’s a lot faster than inputting 360.
So IMO it gives you a Zangief that does 10% less damage but with great extra tactical tools. At non-neutral situations (wakeup, blockstun etc.) I buffer the 360 version, and at neutral (footsies, anti air) I use the noob versions. The results so far are great.
Here are some vids I made:

I’m not ok with this :eek:

Just ban them at tourneys.

That was you? :open_mouth:
I already posted them in the Zangief thread today after finding them on YouTube. Not sure how to feel about them, to be honest.

Yeah they’re pretty legit. I’ve been using the autoblock gem, because while I’m not familiar with every high/low in the game and quite a few members can combo out of their overheads. Plus it’s just a failsafe mechanism, because ideally you’ll block everything.
Justin Wong sure wished for one after eating 6 overheads from wolfkrone in a row.

I wouldn’t call this ban-worthy. In fact, that’s actually pretty interesting.

It’s not overpowered by any means. Just letting you know it’s valid and not garbage.

TONS of characters have low/overhead mixups. Especially Tekken side. But even SF characters can technically combo/launch from a simple crouching light/forward or chain/link after their overheads. So there’s definitely going to be a lot of dirty mixups leading to disgusting damage. Still don’t think auto-block is viable at higher levels. Maybe if it cost half a bar… Even then it wouldn’t be that good.

Anyway, good idea using easy input assist gems for Grapplers. This makes them ssssoooooo much scarier. :confused:

Hmm, interesting. I wonder if these gems could turn out to be useful for non-grapplers as well? Perhaps for characters with counters?

Give me specific examples. The overheads I’ve seen either do no damage or have no low combo starter to mix them up.

I had that thought about counters, but most of the counter inputs aren’t that intense and I’d think the slower start-up from the flash would hurt their usefulness.

There are some oddball 90’s SNK style inputs in this game though (forward back foward+puch, or hcb foward+punch) in this game though and it will be interesting to see how easy inputs affect those.

Also, has anybody checked to see if there are any charge moves that can avoid their charge times with these?

Heihachi can do full combos out of both his overhead and low command normals, if I recall correctly.

Yes, Heihachi has both a low and overhead combo starters that both lead into 380+ damage. 550 damage for 1-2 bars with King as a teammate.

Jin has this state of awareness move were he can go low into overhead or cancel the low animation and go straight into instant overhead. Both lead to ground bounce full combos.

There’s a lot of examples like that… You should watch the various walkthroughs, there’s plenty of very dirty 50/50 mixups in this game.

That looks quite nasty. I’ll have to play the game first before i pass judgement tho.

I just don’t like the idea of assist gems at tourneys. They were meant to be used by noobs to get a feeling for the game. But hey if it makes the game more interesting then so be it.

I don’t know how the throw/grab system works in this game, but in SFIV you can’t be grabbed out of pre-jump frames. But, you can cancel those pre-jump frames into special, so like if Gief does into Ultra/super and you’re holding up/back, you have time to confirm and input a special during the super freeze (even though you can see your character is in pre-jump animation) and you’ll be able to punish him cos he can’t grab you. If it’s the same in SFxT, then with Super Easy input, you’ll basically just continue holding up and then mashing the button to punish -_-

I cans do a spd in about 6-12 frames which is about a 10th of a second there is zero reason to use this gem other than to lazy to learn the motion. I reserve the right to talk shit about anyone who uses that gem.

Look at the video where he shines. During that time you are basically defenseless and on the ground. The 1st try in the 1st vid shows this.

The assist gems like the auto block require 1 full bar of meter, the enemy can easily deplete you’re entire meter. You won’t be able to use EX or Supers

While we are on this topic, you should check auto combos (called quick combos in the game, L3/R3, cost 1/3 bar) and if they do anything useful in juggles etc.

Use Guile with the gem. Is Flash Kick or Sonic Boom 1 button too?