The Astro A40 + Mixamp worth it?

I’m planning on buying a new headset for gaming. I was wondering if this headset was worth the price. Have any of you had any experiences with it?

The a40s are good, but its not true 5.1. In that defense no real headset are 5.1. The mixamp rocks but the headsets are decent at best. The best way to look at it is do you play lan parties, and will everyone on your team have the astros? If not they are overkill. Plus they have a real short cable. You have to be up on the TV almost. On the plus side they really up your gamer cred with the mlg wanabes.

I believe the Tritton’s have true 5.1. The short cable won’t really affect me because I can buy the extended USB. I think it is around 13 ft. Anyone else have anything to say about this product?

I play halo 3 and was #2 on gamebattles 1v1’s so I know my headsets/headphones. I am currently using Sennheiser HD 595, but the Astros are okay. The sound feels like there is something distant and it sounds so hallow. The mixamo on the other hand is a very good mixamp. People like to use Sennheiser PC-350’s with the astro mixamp, Turtlebeach HPX + Mixamp, Sennheiser HD 555/595/600, or other ones. But on topic, Astro Headset is not worth it, but the Mixamp is.

If you want better headphones sennheiser are the way to go they’re the most professional for gaming in my opinion i own a shitload of there sets, I also use there headsets when, I play guitar etc.

If you still want an amp too, I have one ill get the brand name for you it works alot better then that mixamp however if you’re looking for console game stuff, these are for the PC Obviously.

So which headset would go BEST with the mixamp?

A lot of people like Sennheiser PC 350, a little like A40s.

I’m gonna go ahead and try out the A40 headset. If I’m not satisfied I’ll just return it within the 15 day guarantee.

Cool, make sure and report back. I’ve been trying to decide on headphones for almost a year now. Saw those mentioned by Ryan O’Donnell (CO-OP/1UP Show) the other day and they went to the top of my list.

I’ll be sure to leave some feedback. I plan on ordering them today. Hopefully they will come in next week.

So I just ordered them. Total came up to $298.02. Good thing I didn’t have to pay for everything. My sister decided to pay for half of it for my birthday present. :smiley:

While the mixamp is a cool device, it’s not really suited for gaming. Most PC games can’t output more than 2 channels through S/PDIF, so the 5.1 to stereo mixing capability would be useless unless you play on a PS3 or 360. Even then, the difference between 5.1 and stereo on a regular stereo headset is negligible, because you’re still only working with 2 channel output, and the sound depth and quality are entirely dependent on the game. Some games are designed to sound better with headphones, in which case the mixamp is useless, and others are designed to sound better with a surround sound system, in which case regular headphones would not be able to provide the same experience.

The only real reason for getting a mixamp is to take advantage of the digital outputs on PC’s and game consoles without having to spend hundreds on an A/V receiver. But you’re not going to really notice much of a difference unless you splurge on a nice set of headphones, which brings me to my next point.

As far as the headphones go, the A40 is pretty unimpressive. For about $120 on Amazon, you can get the Sennheiser PC 350, which is by far a better gaming headset. Or if you really want something that will blow you away, grab a Beyerdynamic MMX 300 headset, which can be yours for almost the same price as the A40 combo. Granted, you’ll be minus a mixamp, but I can guarantee that you won’t miss it.

I’ve been using the Tritton and the Astros for a while not. I love the Astro because I always find it hard to hear voice chat on LIVE. Being able to adjust voice channel independently is the main reason I use the mixamp. Over the past year I’ve found I prefer mixing the mixamp with either my sennheiser 595 or Audio Technica ATH-AD700 over the astro headset when i’m not using voice chat.

I plan on gaming with the 360/PS3/PC. That is the main reason I went with the astros. If I was just going to play on the PC, I would have gotten the Razer Megaladons.
If I’m not satisfied with the A40, then I’m probably going to try out the Seinheisers.

I can second the A40’s, fucking amazing for gaming.

Mind sharing with us? Have you ever had any other experiences with gaming headsets?

so with the mix amp on those mgs4 joints does it work for 360?

i have the tritton’s with the 5.1 they work good

i was considering buying the monster beats by dre headphones hey are boss to use for gameing and for outdoor ipod/iphone use but no mic for gamming :frowning:

I’ve used the A40’s, Ear Force X31’s and, the Megladons.

In my opinion, the A40’s had the clearer sound quality and noise reduction out of the three, that alone makes it worth it in my opinion, along with the sleek design and easy setup, things were like magic, absolutely amazing for Halo 3 LAN parties that I used to go to.

The Astro A40 + Mixamp is worth the $250 price tag with an OPTICAL CABLE setup. I have had no issues concerning quality. Neither of the products feel cheap or prone to breaking. The headset itself has an amazing feel to it and it’s just solid construction from top to bottom.

Since the Astro’s use DH instead of 8 drivers, sound quality will not be compromised one bit. If the OP really wants 5.1, then someone should have told him 5.1 headsets with 8 drivers are terrible. This is something that isn’t the case for the Astro’s while this makes the majority of gaming headphones garbage :smile: This is why it irks me a bit when people complain about the bass levels on the A40’s for example. These aren’t made for music. With gaming in mind, directional sound output is greatly hindered by overpowering bass. Why on earth would bass be the priority for gaming headphones? (not that the bass quality on the A40’s is anything to laugh at of course)

Am I implying that the A40 headset itself is by far the best option out there? Of course not. But then again I could tell you that a $300 pair of Sennheisers stand no chance against a pair of $1000+ Beyer headphones. It’s also tiring to see a bunch of people recommend getting “real” headphones and using some type of clip-on mic while ignoring other factors such as convenience.

It’s just silly to judge these headsets by audiophile standards. Different headsets cater to different needs. You need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a headset. The A40’s are awesome and are definitely high quality. Anyone who argues otherwise is just being foolish. On top of that, anyone who says there aren’t any alternatives is also being foolish.

The Astro audio system works with the PS3, XBOX, PC, and more.

My order should be coming in the next 2-3 days. I’ll be sure to leave my opinion on it.

PapaRhino: What did you think about the Megaladons?