The Astro A40 + Mixamp worth it?

FYI - the Astro A40 Audio System (black) is on sale at Dell for $200!
Check out the slickdeal thread

I’m thinking about getting a set, but I’m not sure if Dell has old stock of the mixamp or the newer ones with the improved PS3 compatibility (using only 1 cable).

Personally I would reccomended getting ATH-AD700’s, a zalman clip on mic, sleeving the cable together, then running them through the mixamp. I haven’t actually tried the mixamp aspect but I heard it’s relatively good, especially with the reputation of “gaming” equipment.

I own the MLG A40 for about a year now. I love them and my wife loves it because I do not turn the volume up and disturb everyone in the house.

I say the headsets are worth it but I have my 360 connected to a ViewSonic lcd monitor.

You gotta be kidding me… I was waiting for a deal to pop up and it comes a week after I order it? -_- Even if I return the one I ordered, I would only save around $30 because I would have to ship it back. I also got the 12 ft opitcal cable and the 13 ft usb cable.

this is exactly what i’m running on my 360, but i replaced the zalman mic with a stock dell mic. the zalman mic is pretty weak.

other than that, it sounds hella good. the entire setup ran me about $350 but it’s worth it imo.

and yes i am running optical cable

Sorry for the super late response. I’m sorry for anyone waiting for me. I ended up returning the headset because I was not entirely satisfied with it. Even though it was very comfortable, the sound wasn’t all that great. I mean yeah it was pretty good, but for the amount that I spent, I believe I could have gotten something better. I’m going to end up ordering the PC 350s sometime next week and give those a go.