The ATI Radeon 4850


I am about to buy one of these. ATI has finally made a truly awesome card and I love it. Prices are dropping from nVidia as a result. I have generally liked nVidia but they cannot keep up with this at the moment. They’ve only been out a month (or less?) and are already destroying benchmarks.

Apparently it runs quite hot stock, and is in need of a driver update to counteract this. However you can manually increase the fan speed rather easily. [media=youtube]eufDqKmOSOI"[/media]

I think the thing to recognize, and probably what makes it BEAT nVidia cards that cost much more, is the 800 stream processors. Eight HUNDRED…no other card comes even close to that number. The memory also runs quite fast too.

You can get it for $185-$200 on Newegg right now. I am going to get the Visiontek version because it has a lifetime warranty. It seems like the most reliable brand and looks the best too imo.

If anyone has one already please feel free to add your experiences with it…

I myself got the 4870, awesome card. Nothing but good things to say about it. Just remember though, lifetime warranty from ATI cards DO NOT cover aftermarket coolers unlike Nvidia. So if you are installing aftermarket coolers and still want to be insured, you may want to consider getting a Nvidia 9800 GTX+(Coming out soon) which is similar price range and specs as the 4850

are you building a whole new PC or just replacing the card?

I’m a fan of HSI IceQ series, but they usually cost a bit more. They use arctic cooling HSFs that keep it cool & quiet. They’re usually factory OCed a bit too.

They haven’t released their IceQ version of the 4850 yet though.

video cards are getting cheaper every year because PC gaming is slowing dying as consoles fill their roles.

Price is not bad, and my current Radeon has been acting up. I don’t play games, but again the price is right.

I have one and am very satisfied with it. I plan on picking up another one soon and crossfire them. In regard to the cooling issue, if you get the Asus version, it includes software that allows you to set five different fan speeds according to the temperature but you can probably download it somewhere and it would work as well.

You do realize that pcs are getting 360 games right? So i dont understand how you can say pc gaming is dying…

Yeah I wouldn’t try to put an aftermarket cooler on it, even if I had an Nvidia card and even w/ it’s default heating problem. The fan fix should take take care of the heat.

How much will the 9800 GTX+ cost exactly, if you know. Will it have 1 GB RAM? lol

No not building. I am going to put it in a Gateway I have, slightly older. It has an X2 4200+ w/ 4 GB Crucial Ballistix 800 though. But I haven’t put a card in yet so it’d be upgraded from 6150 onboard video. =\ I’ll also need to replace the PSU. Was going to put a 450 watt Corsair in it.

I might just download that. I like the Visiontek for the lifetime warranty tho. And it looks nicer I think

edit: Anyone know if a 1 GB version is supposed to come out soon though? If so I might just wait for it. 512 MB eventually will not be enough I think.

i never liked ATI but i am extremely impressed with this video card. this thing a really low price also. i think its 100% worth it and a great buy. also i had no idea they don’t support after market coolers.

No. They’re going down in price because ATi has brought real competition. They’re near levels they used to be; before the year ATi stalled after AMD acquired them.

ATi has been targeting mainstream for a few reasons. it’s the most vulnerable market for nVID, the economy is in the crapper (ppl willing to spend less), & their new architecture makes it cost & scale friendly.

the PC market has always had dips around year 2-4 of the console’s lifetime; but it always rebounds stronger than ever when it becomes abundantly clear how fast technology evolves & how outdated console 3D looks compared to current 3D tech in PCs.

That’s not to say consoles are dying, I don’t think they ever will. It’s just to say they both fill different niches. Fighting & sports games will always feel better on consoles for ex. While FPS & strategy will always feel better on PC.

the 9800 GTX+ is supposely ~$220. On the benchmarks, it beats the 4850 on almost all aspects. Its still 512 Ram. The 4870 1 GB ver is supposely coming soon don’t know if theres going to be a 4850 ver, also thee 4870X2 is coming at end of august. 4870X2 is just a video card with two 4870 in it; theres going to be a 1 GB ver (Each core is 512 MB) and a 2 GB ver (each core is 1 GB)

ATI = beast mode. :tup:

GOD, I gotta get my money straight so I can build a new PC. Now I need a new gaming PC and I still need to build my HTPC. Oh well. I guess Christmas time deals are gonna look good?

actually it depends on the card manufacturer. nVID, unlike ATi, never had their own brand of cards; they just sold the chips to card-makers. ATi only sells the workstation cards now & only supplies the chips to gaming card makers.

like i said HIS uses arctic cooling stock… SAPPHIRE just announced thier TOXICversion which uses an all copper Zalman heatpipe/HSF & includes DDR5 @1100MHz as well as the GPU at 675. there’s also another edition w/ 1GB.

the 9800GTX+ is just an 8800 w/ a reduced process (55nm) which ATi has been using since the 3800. it doesn’t have DX10.1 either.

you can buy cards w/ aftermarket coolers on them already. HIS IceQ or SAPPHIRE TOXIC are two that come to mind. the TOXIC should be out very soon & uses Zalman (the best piped-HSF makers in the biz imo) 100% copper.

9800GTX+ is supposed to go from $200-250. most being around 225. too much considering its on par w/ a 4850 which can be had after rebate for $150. & no it doesnt come w/ 1GB. it can, just like the 4850. there are some 1GB models but most are 512MB.

Crossfire is also outperforming SLi w/ almost 100% gains w/ a second card. combined w/ the low price that’s a much better upgrade path imo.

it doesn’t so much beat as meet. in some benchmarks it’s a little faster. but nowhere near it’s price premium in percent. you can pick up a 4870 for the near price of a 9800GTX+ and it will destroy it. it even beats the GTX 260 in Crysis.

<3 Sapphire cards.

Video memory size is not a really good factor to go on when rating cards. 512 is really more than enough. All it’s really used for is streaming textures and they are usually compressed anyway.

I have a 20.1" 4:3 LCD, and the max/native res is 1400 x 1050 btw. So 512 MB should be enough for me I guess.

Manx - mind if I inquire why you particularly like Sapphire? Or is that just the brand you went with, and like it thus far.

I would consider getting a 9800 GTX+, or a 4870, but they’re only available in a dual slot apparently. My mobo has this little heatsink over the chipset (northbridge I’m assuming), below the PCI-e slot. And I’m pretty sure it would make contact with the case on a dual slot card before I could push the damn thing into the slot all the way. Another reason why I like the 4850.

I can’t see why you’d need 2 GB anytime soon unless you were pushing dual monitors both @ 1920 or some shit. That’s crazy though, a 4870 X2 w/ a 2 GB buffer. That shit will probly kick Nvidia’s ass even more…don’t even wanna think about Crossfiring 4870 X2’s on a nice Asus mobo :looney:

SAPPHIRE made their 3870 single slot w/ their Vapor-X cooler. They might do the same for the 4870, but it took a while for it to launch so if you want it now it’s not really an option.

in your situation I would probably get the 4850 TOXIC edition. probably the quietest/coolest/fastest stock 4850 youll find. will probably run 20 bucks more than a regular one though.

Sapphire’s just have good quiet fans and a decent return policy. No hassle, but I with it were lifetime.

I dont like sapphire, but I LOVE MIA

Heh. Word. :tup: