The Atlanta Revival Full Results

Tekken 6

1: Clint ($105.00)
2: Bernard Jamai ($30.00)
3: Pokchop ($15.00)
4: Joel Morens
5: Rashid Reddy
5: DJ
7: Kevin Sorbo
9: Dez
9: Thatmanpilot
9: Jason L
9: Lord Iceman
13: Loc Asylum
13: Deadly Rave Neo

Street Fighter IV

1: Rashid Reddy
1: TooMuchDamage
1: JTO
4: Cardell Thomas
5: Chris Barnes
5: Cash Money ATL
7: Jason L
7: Clint
9: Chris Green
9: Pokchop
9: Joey Choo
9: Cloud9Zero
13: Big Boi
13: Eric McKenna
13: Jarvis Darrsaw
13: Excitebeast
17: Joseph Lackey
17: John Pennigton
17: Chad Walker
17: Isaac Greene
17: Lord Iceman
17: Malik Johnson
17: Forte
17: Internalburn
25: Garry Felder
25: Ridorez
25: Chris Finch
25: Wahed Husain
25: Rod ramos
25: Leo
33: Caleb Howell
33: Khalid Abdullahi
33: Drew Bruski
33: FunkyP
49: Andrei

interesting results :coffee:
chris barnes all up in top 8 again, the return? of jasonL, & not tryin to be rude… just dont think ive ever met him… but who is rashid?
anyway congrats fellows! :china:

Reddy is Shinkuur, the best Rose in the south dooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!

Good shit Rashid!

oooooh i think we met & spoke briefly @ SEB… nice :tup:

dat rose, props shinkuur on winning with caroline

so yall only ran two tournaments?

wish I could have been there to debut my new main…damn…oh well next stop


Eric Mckenna here,

Not really happy with my performance, still letting my nerves get the best of me D; Oh well. Had a lot of fun even though I was too tired to watch the finals. Ended up sleeping in the car LOL. Good shit to everyone I played and my boys Cardell T and Mr. Reddy for placing! Rep that SAV

Clint, you so beast!

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was fun :tup:

so does that mean Rasheed, Eddie, JTO, Cardell, and a battle between the 5th places, is the GA team?

btw, props to Rasheed! no random Abel ultras will keep you down! :smiley:


Thanks guys.

Man I had a blast this weekend although I could have done better had I gotten something to eat instead of being stubborn & nervous to ask someone I could ride with. 3s was fun as hell even if there were only three entrants there. Hope to see everyone again at FRXIII. GET HYPE & practice strategically & seriously everyone.

Good stuff from everyone, the turnout this time was bigger then most.

I have so much work to do it’s crazy. It’s annoying to perform well unless it’s a tournament but I guess you have to be solid in all facets of the game. It’s one thing to lose to the better player and that’s fine, but to lose to yourself is what makes me want to punch the wall and be salty. With the experience I have and the time I’ve spent training with some of the best in this state, (my Brother Iggy and Chris Barnes) I have no excuses whatsoever.

To perform when it matters is all that matters, so I’ve got a lot of work to do:china:

Good shit guys, see y’all at Final Round.

Good shit everyone.

Eddie, next time I won’t be free.

Spookydonkey, I’m here to stay.

Savannah, way to rep.

who did the top 3 in tekken play/win with?

1: Clint (Kuma/Zafina)
2: Bernard Jamai (Roger) Probably with Jack too, I was too busy with my matches to watch
3: Pokchop (Bruce)

Shout outs

Good shit to ShinkuuR, Rose and Sakura casuals were fun man. Gotta do that again man.

To Big Boi, sorry I had to noob ya out. But you know I love you man.

Athens crew, you guys are all knowledgeable and definitely dedicated to the game and it shows with how you guys play. Definitely good shit.

Iceman, looking Ice cold at the tourney man was fun.

Ricky and CPU good shit in tekken beaten my scrubby ass.

Haywood, you think you funny putting me up against Ricky first round, you dead to me nigga!

AP, it’s nice to see that man pilot bring people out. Good games to Oda, your Honda isn’t bad for a fighting game beginner you got promise.

Joey Choo, good games man, dp’s like that get you killed though man. Definitely need to come out and play though.

DeadlyRaveNeo, sorry we couldn’t do the money match but we will get it in at final round.

Hey, had a great time and it was a good ground to gauge my game for Final Round.

Jason: Good to see you back. Bust out some Gief on me next time. You raped me with him back at ICIV in casuals and talked shit the entire time, and I wanted revenge last weekend so goddamn bad. So when I saw you there, I was like hell yeah, revenge time. I’m going to go shit talk my way into a match with him and exact sweet sweet revenge, but then when I came over you totally owned the hell out of me by being all nice and shit and I couldn’t stay pumped. lol

Anyway, yeah, like I said, good to see you back. Get out to more tournaments, and thanks for the late crossup shoto lk tip.

Forte: Pick (and stay with) a top tier!

Eddie: Again we didn’t get to play in tournament. Good shit as always and I look forward to our next (whenever the hell that will be) battle.

JTO: Thanks for letting me know that I have to make them thirsty.

Excited: Nice finally getting to hang with you a bit. Cool dude and great Ken. Keep up the hard work and everyone will eventually have to respect the name Excited.

Clint: Thanks for the drink.

Anyway, good job to everyone trying to make it out to level up. And for those I spoke with about the room for FR, let me know when your plans are finalized.

The 1st Ever Live Interactive Podcast, Hope you all enjoyed it, for those who missed it, here you go!!!

thank everyone for the support and training LETS SEE SOME GA IN THE TOP 10 FOR FINAL ROUND!!!

Who is cardell? And what character did he play with? And can he make it to the hotel on thursday nigth?