The Atmosphere of the Tournament

I’m a relatively new… Well, more like brand new user here at Shoryuken, and I’ve got a question for those who go to tournaments for Fighting Games regularly.

What’s the atmosphere like? What’s the overall… Feeling that comes with going to a fighting tournament? Is it awe? Adrenaline? Do you feel good at the end of the day? Do you want to go home and just sleep off the fights…

Tell me, just what is it like?

Go and find out. Most tournaments don’t inspire awe though.

I plan on going to EVO2011. I just wanna get some insight from people who’ve went.

It’s mostly just a chill place to hang out.

Then every once in a while somethin [media=youtube]ijhUJTZrxLk#t=2m31s"[/media] happens.

It sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun.

I should wear an outrageous costume. It’d be awesome.

The environment is suffocating, literally. Bring a gas mask. And don’t base Evolution on how most tourneys are, that’s by far not the standard.

I’m gonna try and bring the Old Spice Guy to UFGT…spread the love man.

your first tournament is going to be what you make of it

like going to a bar or nightclub, you can be that guy who sits in a corner drinking jaeger bombs by himself or you can wake up in a hospital with five new venereal diseases

There’s usually a lot of downtime at tournaments, bring a book, or watch the matches of the better players. I usually bring my own food to tournaments b/c i’m cheap, but if its in a bar they’ll probably not let you do that. As for the tournament jitters, those go away if you go to enough tournaments. After you get eliminated, you could always talk to the people at the tournament, they’re usually not douchebags. expect it to be an all day thing, though. and tournaments almost never start on time. Get to the venue early, though, to get used to the timing of the screens b/c they may not be the same screens that you are used to playing on.

omfg my first tournament was terrible i went 0-2, left early, so salty. But, y’know, I ran it back, kept playing with people, sat in training mode trying to figure shit out, and I’ve never gone 0-2 since then.

Oh wow. I’m getting a lot of good feedback here.

So essentially I just shouldn’t read too much into it, outside of simply that it’s going to be a fun experience so long as I can sit and enjoy myself.

Generally speaking, if you go somewhere full of people who are passionate about your hobby, you will enjoy yourself.


No I don’t mean stink as it sucks, bad, horrible, terrible, I mean it a literal sense that it smells bad. I’m with Geese Pants on this one.

Most tournaments smell TERRIBLE, for some reason a lot of FG players have the worst personal hygiene of just about any group of people I’ve met and it’s somewhat shameful.

EVO I’ve heard is not a huge offender here as it’s such a massive area.

Geez, That’d suck to be stunk out… Especially if I plan to wear a cool costume.

I strongly encourage you not to cosplay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t let the talk about body odor keep you from going to a tournament…you really gotta experience it for your own.

This times a million.

It’s not just FG folks. It seems like if you cram a bunch of gamers or anime fans or whatever in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, pungent odors abound.

Consequently, if you’re carrying around a bag or a backpack or something, it would not be a bad idea to toss a stick of deodorant in there, too.

adrenaline & nervousness(for some).

Weed and cigarettes for some too…a bad mix with B.O.