The Atmosphere of the Tournament

Not gonna cosplay, Just gonna wear something that makes me stick out.

I always thought the BO was simply a way to cover up the smell of the massive amounts of weed being smoked.

I went to my first tournament a 2 weeks ago. What a sausage fest. In a tight crammed comic book store. Lots of bad breath. Yuk.

Anyway, i didn’t stay for the mvc3 part. I’m actually wondering how did they get all the characters unlocked on nearly 10-12 consoles? Some of which were being brought in right sf4 was maining… scratches head

I swear i never understand how you leave characters to be unlocked in a competitive fighting game.

The character unlocks actually don’t take long at all. Given enough time before hand, it’s easy. Heck, if there were warm-ups you could end up unlocking them that way.

Unless MvC data is copyable. Which would make it trivial.