The attitudes of gamers outside of America/Japan, towards US gamers

Now, this doesn’t apply to everybody, since plenty of people I know are gamers from countries other than Japan and America…

but… here goes…

prepares to be flamed, negged, and whatever else

A lot of you replied to that post that I made a while back about the dude on myspace giving me a hard time about Sentinel… He made comments for no reason about me being a “hardcore asian-american” and how I think I’m better than everybody else because I use Sentinel, blah blah… whatever jibberjabber he said.

Another thing, I remembered something when I was in Milan. I was in a local arcade, and was playing MvC2 and 3S. A group of say… five to ten Italian kids walk in, and bet me 50 euros to play them… I agreed, shit, I was on vacation, and had money prepared to be lost, so I didn’t care at the time. Most of you know that I suck @ 3S, and I openly admit to that. I know a thing or two about how it works, but I suck at playing the game. Whatever, end of story, I beat them, won my 50 euros, and said good games. They realized then I was from America.

After that, they proceeded to badmouth America and me, and made comments along the lines of…

“You’re only good because you’re a lazy American who probably sits at home all day with fat girls and plays this game.”
"You cheated, your dad probably made this game"
etc. etc…

Now, what the fuck? I know people look down on Americans, but is being an American that’s BETTER than you at (insert verb here), is something that you’re going to whine about and act immaturley about? The guy in Australia that was calling me the “Hardcore Asian American Scrubby” was listed as 22 years old. These kids in this arcade, looked like late teens to early / mid twenties.

Last situation. I was in an arcade HERE IN AMERICA, in some bumfuck town in Pennsylvania, visiting a friend of mine… We went to this arcade, and there was a guy from Germany playing XmSF. I went to put a token in, and he goes… “Vait”… Ok… He finished his match up, and I proceeded to put it in again, and he goes… “No VAIT, YOU IMPATIENT AMERICANS THINK YOU CAN JUST BARGE INTO ANY GAME? IS THAT HOW YOU ALL ARE?”… this guy looked mid-thirties mind you…

Idk, any thoughts?

Well…most countries hate the US’ guts. So they’ll take whatever chance they can to talk crap about it. I dunno, just my two cents. :sweat:

@Turbovec: while that’s true, I think it’s a little immature for people of that age, meaning twenties to thirties, bad mouthing America as a country over a FUCKING GAME…

We Americans have this reputation of going into other countries and trying to


So I’m not saying those pricks were justified, but I can definitely see where Anti-American feelings come from.

Many big name execs in America from media conglomerates like AOL Time Warner and Viacom essentially control a vast amount of resources in our country. When the govt takes out plans of action or rather"in action" then other countries get all pissed because we try to have our cake and eat it too.

Whatever…this post made some sense but then I just lost it



i think it has more to do with the fact that a lot of jerks and losers hang out at arcades in general. even when you were in italy, those kids were probably going to take cheap shots at you regardless of who you were. you being a american just made it that much easier for them.

They’ll invent any excuse as to why they lost and you won. You being from the great land of the U.S.A. simply gave them a target to shoot at. Are you lazy for being good at the game, or are they lazy for sucking at it and making excuses?

that’s a good way to look at it… idk, i just walked away, 50 euros richer… but still, the shit pissed me off.

They’ll all be speaking English soon.

Yeah. It seems like such a stupid thing to bitch you out over.
But whatever, that’s what we get for being assosciated with the U.S.

It doesnt’ speak well for their character by them judging you simply because of where you’re from.

When I go to the arcade I always ask if it’s ok to challenge them. Some people don’t like it when other people come in on them just to get an easy win.

If there’s one universal truth in the world, it’s that Amercans are the best at MVC2. It’s not sometyhing you can debate or disprove. The Japanese have 3s, and we have MVC2. Those Italian kids should have known that. Damn cannolli-eaters.

He was playing 3rd strike. Read thread please. That kinda sentiment is exactly why something like this happened as well. That sort of blind backing of segregating things. Like someone in Europe cant be good at MvC2 or whatever, I mean shit you probably arent any good at MvC2, so why act like somehow America as a whole is just a superior entity relating to that game and you are somehow a part of it… Its more like “A few handfuls of americans are better at MvC2 than any other country’s players and you happen to be in the same country as those top players.”

Sorry to be a dyke but really, your post was shitty.

wow, I didn’t know that 3rd Strike was made in America! You learn something new every day! :rofl:

Tell your Dad to get working on more fighters already!

They weren’t necesserly anti-american, they were being scrubs and scrubs are universal.
If you weren’t american you would have been insulted for something else.

Italians cracking on Americans for lazyness is funny lol. You should see the average hourly week for the average worker in Italy. The start time is hella late, they average not one, but multiple breaks during the day and even manage to head home around same time as the average worker in the US. I’m not calling Italians lazy because of this, but they can’t know Americans for being lazy lmao.

Anyway they’re probably just angry you took their money :confused: realized they couldn’t go grab dinner at the some resteraunt and took it out on you in a prejudice fashion. I agree with ToyRobobotTerror, had you been from another country probably would have used different lines.

Though, a lot probably do view us as being at an advantage in that home consoles and stuff are more common place than some other countries, and may knock us for that. =X

You should have told him that here people look for a challenge and don’t like playing the game alone. But if that’s what he wants, you have no problem leaving him alone.

I know it’s not easy thinking clearly in the heat of the moment but if you manage to do it, at least everyone will understand where everyone else stands. If presumptuous arrogance has a counter-character, it’s (clear/relevant) honesty.

Also it’s probably a bad idea to badmouth other countries for this kind of behavior. Scrubdom is an equal-opportunity affliction.

I’d almost be willing to kill to get hours like that here in the States. Whose crazy idea was it for people to practically live at work in the US anyway?

where in my statement did i say that i was some sort of MvC2 top player? I was referring to their attitudes towards me because I’m American. Regardless of what / how I play, shouldn’t compensate them being douches.

@Darkside: I’m used to Chinatown Fair. Nobody asks to play, we just play. I’ve never actually asked, “hey, could I join in?” To me, that’s advocating scrubbiness.

Erm I dont wanna shit on you but nobody else plays MvC2, its not hard to be number one if nobody else plays the dam game.