The attitudes of gamers outside of America/Japan, towards US gamers

Maybe the non-US players you’ve had the misfortune to play against are all just sore losers?

There might be an anti-US feeling, but really at the arcades people just want to own and you may have met people who just couldn’t take losing because they thought their skillz were so l33t, and would say anything because they lost…

It’s the bad ones you remember.

I always figured that if you go to the arcade to practice, it’s a given you’ll get challenged. I don’t know, thought it was some sort of unwritten rule.

I’d say if you don’t want to get challenged, stay home.

Look at it this way: if they say no, join in anyway and kick them off the machine. That’s what they get for trying to hog it in the first place.

america, fuck yeah.

edit: for americans feeling the hate, just say youre canadian.

I was playing DOA4 a couple days ago at like…6 AM (I dunno why…) and I went into a “Koreans Only” named room. So I go in, and everyone’s speakin’ some crazy language I dunno so, it’s definitely a Korean room. Now, the room was virtually lagless. If everyone has a good connection, the game plays perfectly no matter where you live. So the match I was watching ends, and they all start laughing and talking and repeatedly say “American.” So I think it’s a safe assumption that they were making fun of me for being an American. So I sit and wait and my match comes up. I play, they’re all yelling the entire time, and eventually I won (yeah, I beat a FRICKIN’ KOREAN!"). Everything goes silent for a few seconds and eventually some guy starts yelling all angry like and, again, repeatedly says “American.”

So yeah, I think that people are just racist against us for various reasons.


Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah

It is pretty funny to hear ANY European call Americans lazy. This seems to stem from the fact that America has such a high rate of obesity and why else would we be fat if we weren’t such lazy bums (that and our diet is terrible)? Statements like these are ignorant of the fact that the majority of Americans are overworked and underpaid, while Europe typically has pretty lax workdays. Americans work themselves to death.

In fact, I’d say the fact that Americans are overworked is part of why we’re so fucking fat. No time to exercise or manage our diet. But anyway, tangent. Bottom line is that scrubs will find any reason to dismiss you when you beat them. That’s why they’re called scrubs.

Wow. Jesus get out of your bubble for a second and realize this the world doesn’t revolve around you. Over here this is called common courtesy. I’ve had someone actually become REALLY pissed off at me for, without warning, interrupting their game and beating the shit out of them.

A lotta people in America have office jobs; basically, sitting on your ass 8 hours a day = fat fucking ass. Also, we indulge far too heavily in snack foods and fast foods. Also, because we have more money to toss around (generally), we tend to eat more and more often.

It is DOA 4 not exactly a major acomplishment. That is like bragging that you beat a mental degenerate in scrabble.

Hey. Don’t hate on DOA4. Nice avy, though.

Seriously, it’s no big deal. That’s why DoA appeals to the average joe, aside from the boobies.

I’m disappointed that there’s only about 400k copies sold of it…but there’s a million people here willing to insult it…


Warning - Everything following this scentence is pure speculation and pulled directly from my ass

I suppose in the case of Koreans it could be because they tend take their gaming very seriously, particuarly online. So to be beaten by an American, assumed to be a lax, clueless casual, to be beaten would be comparable to teaching your foolish cousin chess in a few minutes, only to find that he’s an idiot savant who thrashes you completely in his first game.

Of course, the main reason is that bastards are found worldwide, and 90% congregate on the internet.

I don’t get the argument of asking to join in on a game when there are 2 controls for a reason. If you want to play a one player game, stay home.

Lmaooo. Too good. “Nah dog, I’m Canadian, fuck those yanks.”

unless u beat them in starcraft it doesnt really matter

Canada? Isn’t that like the wimpier version of America?

wow sonic_reaper, get out of your bubble for a second and realize this world doesnt revolve around you. over here in californian no one asks “hey, could i join in?”. i agree with m1x4h i think that just fuckin wreaks of scrubby. just like those guys that wait politely for you to finish your match with the cpu before they challenge. (they think they’re doing me a favor but if they’d challenge me in the middle of a match, then i get to replay the match and get an extra game outta vs. cpu mode :rofl: )

This is true, and it kind of confirms what I was saying. If your job involves sitting in front of a computer for upwards of 8 to 10 hours straight, where are you going to find the time to work off all the excess calories that you get from being so inactive? Besides, office jobs exist everywhere in the world. I agree on the dietary part.

this thread is stupid.
every country has its share of sore losers and idiots, so why debate on some crap some1 said cuz he was pissed that he lost in a money match?