The Austin MvC2 Routine

Weekly-ish, casual MvC2 matches in Austin. :rock:
These ranbat-esque meetups are held at Arcade UFO or nearby houses w/ the proper equipment.
I’m collecting emails @ “phil DOT knoll AT gmail DOT com” for those interested.
All skill levels are welcome.

The day of the week is subject to change.
Check the official calendar for correct time/date/location.
(Email me for calendar-editing privileges.)

If you view the calendar, you’ll see the first event is 2010-02-21, 7pm-10pm-ish.

And mvc2 lives in austin. GS for starting a scene up there. Hope to see you at Cali Vs Texas…

I got word from UFO’s co-owner, Ryan, that he’ll set up MVC2 on head-to-head, Japanese cabinets @ $.50 if we get some attendance there.
And… he’s considering doing it this Sunday in light our first event on the 21st.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might use this as practice for the upcoming Marvel tourney.

do people play at aufo at all. i should be in austin this sat and i always drop by ufo when im in town

would like to play gooley, minh, etc ><

I havent seen any marvel activity at the UFO at all, and Im a regular on weekends

i’ve been there nearly every night, briefly, for the past couple weeks. I can expect to run into a couple marvel players on fri, sat & sun night, if I wait at the machine for a while. Otherwise, on weeknights, I’m pretty much guaranteed 0 competition.

^Get into some serious training mode cause you will need it for cali vs texas. Lets GO!!

Tonight @ 7pm

The first event is going on tonight, Sunday 2010-02-21, @ 7pm.

Dang. Work got in the way.

Id join marvel if I see people playing at the UFO

Got my ass fucking served on Sunday. That was really brutal. I’m still recovering. Not sure when to set up the next one. If someone has a day preference, say it.

@J.D : Are u a regular there?