The Australian Thread


Some info on the current Australian fighting game scene, if you are interested in joining the tournament community or are looking for a place to discuss fighting games with like-minded people online.

  • Most of the Street Fighter tournaments in Australia run under the broad banner of OzHadou - . Drop by the forums and introduce yourself!

While at one stage tournaments ran in all of the major SF games, regular tournaments are now far and few between, with the only game with a lot of comp at the moment being Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

  • The Tekken scene is probably one of the most active. For a while myself and another SF player ran tournaments through in Sydney, but the advent on T5.1 as well as putting the tournaments in the hands of the Tekken players has meant that tournaments have somewhat fallen apart. Nowdays, most of the Sydney scene post on the Australia & Asia forums of Tekken Zaibatsu - , Queenslanders post on, and Melbourne players post on another forum. Ask on Zaibatsu if you really want to find it…

  • This year, the largest ever fighting games tournament to be run in Australia, OzHadou Nationals 5, will be run on July 1st and 2nd at the UTS Glasshouse in Sydney. Some of the featured games include Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (both running on arcade cabinets), Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, and Tekken 5. In addition, games such as X-Men Vs Street Fighter, GGXX: Slash, Street Fighter EX2+ and more will be available for casual and tournament play (given appropriate demand). In addition to featuring the top fighting game players from all around Australia, OzHadou are working with Empire Arcadia to bring out some of the top US players, as well as attempting to secure players from Japan and Hong Kong to create a truely worldwide event. At this time Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and others are expected to attend.

The website for OHN5 will be up shortly, until then details can be found in the OHN5 section of the OzHadou forums.


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yes, he is

when are you buying your tickets for america joey



as there a mcv2 or cvs2 or 3rd srtike scene in sydney ???
cause me and a bud are here 4 a week and are lookin for a arcade ???
or players
or anything haha fuk
help us out ??


third strike scene there is pretty god :smiley:


ummm… I think the first post explains alot about the Australian SF scene. 3rd Strike there is plenty of comp… Cvs2/MvsC2 there are players but the games just aren’t in arcades anymore. But I am sure people will organise console sessions for those two games if you are keen. 3s/ST though you will find alot of arcade comp and weekly Ranking Battle tournaments in Sydney when you guys come out.

Hit me up a PM with your details for when you are coming out and I will organise something for you. OR register at and start a thread.


well im here now
till monday… my best games are mvc2 and cvs2… and im alright at 3rdstrike…not a total loss… is there any arcades in sydney that have thease games ???


Are you in Sydney? I spoke to someone from Brisbane and they said that there were two Canadian guys up there at “Replay Arcade” of late that mainly play MvsC2. The most active places for 3rd Strike are Sydney and Melbourne… Brisbane scene for 3s is pretty small and weak by comparison.

Anyway, if you are coming down to Sydney let me know. Or just join up on ozhadou and post you want matches in Brisbane if you are still there, I am sure more people will come out and play you if they haven’t already.



hmm yes we played in brisbane… the marvel was good… but 3s was lame as you said… not very good players… but yes we are in sydney now… we are staying on georgia street… right by market city area…
i tried registering on the forums at that site but it wouldn’t let me sign on… i tried like a month ago too but the same shit… soo i dunno we need some competition though maybe you could post somthing 4 us… were here till mar 6th… and like i said our strongest game is marvel then cvs2 then 3rdstrike… but welll play anything… is there even an arcade here that has a marvel or 3rd strike machine ?


There’s about a dozen or so arcades/university’s around Sydney that have 3rd Strike cabinets… but not for Marvel, that game is dead here. If your’e staying on George st, you can go to the following place for 3rd Strike and ST. It’s a shop about 5 minutes walk from you on George st to Chinatown.

"May Chan Hiong"
Shop 406 Sussex St,

It’s at the bottom end of Sussex st, close to Market City. We are having a 3rd Strike tournament tommorrow night at 8pm. Details are here:

Read that thread, in there you will find details on location and you can call one of our members “Jack” if you get lost or need directions. People should start getting there from 2pm onwards. Hope to see you tommorrow! If you have trouble finding the place still, just call me after 2pm as I will be at University until then.


hey jj_tactics,

you guys are only here til monday? that sucks. uhh, are you guys free any days on the weekend, we might be able to play cvs2/mvc2 on console or something? get back to me ASAP so we can work something out.

  • joey


yea were free on saturday, and sunday afternoon !!!


r u guys from canada coming back to Brisbane?. i am a decent 3s and mvc2 player and missed u guys when u were first in brisbane. if u decide to come back just post and we could meet up and play.


so you guys up for a dc session tomorrow (saturday)? if you go to the 3s tourney tonight, we can discuss this further


ya well see you there !!!


That was me playing in Bris (the spiral player). Really sorry about the sticks - takes alot of adjusting to.

edit - wish I was more competitive too, your magnetos buff.

We probably have 4 good third strike players, but the sticks on that machine are worse than Marvels :sad:


do you guys use jap or us sticks over there? or does it depend on the loc?


I’d say 80% (maybe more) of fighters here run on JP sticks Australia wide. In Sydney and Melbourne it’s closer to 100% JP sticks with most fighters.




Bump. OHN5 begins this Friday night at Galaxy World with the Tekken 5 DR competition. The UTS Venue then opens Saturday morning at 9am and closes at 12am midnight. 15 hours! (Same times with Sunday)

We will have 2 VS City cabinets there along with 6 Astro City’s… not to mention 20+ TV’s all set up for tournament and casual use. If you are a fighting game fan - especially one in Sydney - I recommend you make the effort and come down.

More info here (Schedule, location, cost, games etc):