The Avatar Guild - Request Thread

Ask for an avatar and someone in the Avatar Guild will take up your request.

How does it work? It’s simple. Ask and one of the members shall pick it up and I will put it in the first post once it’s assigned.

DO NOT ask for a specific member. There are already threads for that, this is more for people like me who enjoy making avatars in a part time basis.

Guild Members:



Tat Guy

That guy specializes in stills.




Request & Reviews



Tat Guy-DarkSide




ToyRobot - Shizuna15

Review: This isn’t a review but, damn. This avatar is hot man. I love how it looks all bloody and shit.

ToyRobot - Eckostyle


That Guy - Mepaphoros

Review: Not a review either but damn, your best work as of yet. I need to learn me to do stills.

ShadoWorthless - dhpownsjoo

Review:Worthless - Shadow Ace 50


That Guy - Sasmasta


That Guy - DoughBoy



Open Request/News

For those keeping up at home. Sorry about the delay… yeah I’m working on it Fanatic but feel free to approach the other groups with a request. I’ll still finish your request as agreed. - SAX


Sent you some of my favorites.

this really wasnt wut i meant… lol but hey it kinda worked out lol

but anyways… wow a avatar 'ish guild… lol havent seen these in a while

Just to let you guys know, we still have this thread going:
The Official Free Avatars Thread (not a request thread)

I have a very old av and I would like a new one. Preferably a av with something funny in it

IF no one else takes it before I finish chief’s. I’ll take your request.

Ok. Thats cool.

I think i’ve got an idea, but it’ll probably be still.

I’ve got to find the right mugen version of Dan:

3:45 super Dan crotch exploding fist.

im in need of assistance!

Oh mighty guild!! i’ve been trying to get an av for i dont know how long. i’ve been practically whining for one and im really desperate for a personalized av. okay, now that i’ve spilled my guts out, i would like an makoto av ( since she’s the only karate chick i know) with white hair, a red karate suit, a blue under-shirt, and she is doing a close mk on someone( i really dont care who), and my name on it. i tried quiche, but he hasnt got back to me, so if he denies, my i get one from you guys?:bgrin:

im in need of assistance!

Oh, i almost forgot, if quiche does get back to me, i’ll notify you, the good ppl of the guild, asap.:tup:

cool idea :tup:

I’ll do KG’s tommorow, and darkside’s if he can be more specific

hi, id liek a new avatar with something with oro and Q from 3s, i want oro to be sleeping and q to be doing his taunt, and my name in there somewhere

lol. Dan grabbing Broli’s crotch would be nice. I’m premi now so the that should make it easier on you with the size constraints I guess.

Please Notice Update First Post - Temp Notes

hay shin-man! i just gave quiche an okay to cancel me. but he isnt online yet. was that a good move, cause i dont want him to tire himself out ova me. but can tat still take me under consideration?

Nice guild idea. Now we need multiple guilds fighting it out.
BTW DG isn’t going to make any avs. hahahaha

can someone hook me up thanx again oh premuim btw lol

^ zorlo!! damn, i need to get back to one piece.

I just crapped myself staring at that.

That avy is fear immortalized.