The awesome sites you visit thread

This thread is for awesome websites that you usually go to. Please let us know where you usually surf. A small description with the site would be nifty as well.

-obvious sites-

-interesting sites-
Digg - Nice place to have most news and information packed into one place, though there’s some useless news, the majority is interesting in the science section of the site.
Pandora - Great music streaming site
[COLOR=#2c633c] mainly for Tedtalk tuesdays, fun to watch - tech news - Another blog site - this is why you’re fat site (nsfw)- I don’t visit this site as much as I used to but it’s fun to surf once in a while - movies - shows[/COLOR] - gaming news - everything about online coding and stuffs
[COLOR=#2c633c] - cyanide and happiness comic - penny arcade comic creepy people at wally - every day fail - great deals[/COLOR]

What are your favorite sites that you like to visit?

i created a thread like this months ago

and yours was better

Isn’t this what Stumbleupon is for?


My my, some community building here av kazama? :blush:

o.o, ah oops, sorry, didn’t know we had an existing thread.

Fun flash game site. Thousands of games there. Fun way to kill time.

That had me ROLLING! Some of those are hiliarious!

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