The Badass Cosplay Thread

Ok, I get bored as hell and start looking up cosplay, don’t really know why, lol. But this is a spot for everyone to post GOOD cosplay pics (Man Faye is NOT good…) that they have came across and hopefully there isn’t another one on the site. No nudity and all that jibberish, and I repeat, Man Faye is NOT a good thing. Ill start this out strong…

Marth from Super Smash Bros. Melee

ROTFLMFAO! I knew something was gonna happen like this, lol, Black Gai and ManMoon all in one post! I salute you for not paying attention…I said GOOD cosplay, lmao.

Anyway…Rolls eyes and hopes ManMoon’s skirt doesnt fly up Here is another.

Aeris from Final Fantasy 7

You’re new, aren’t you…


Be nice :razzy:

Can’t have a cosplay thread without Sol Badgirl!

Why do you ask, lol. And yeah, I am. :lame: Let the flaming begin if it must :clap:

Ewww that Millia cosplayer has a greusome face…EWWWWWWWWWWW!

she’s fucking beautiful

I’m deleting this tomorrow so everyone can read why its gone.