The Badass San Jose Golfland Thread

San Jose Golfland…the most happening place for competitions…on Tuesday and Friday nights :tup:

Competition may not be as strong as SVGL, but it’s getting there…sort of…

Golflands are recognized by cities…

“Sunnyvale” Golfland
"Milpitas" Golfland

So when I saw the Blossom Hill Golfland thread…which is a street…it won’t be recognized by the city…and I love my city…

“San Jose” Golfland is the better choice instead of BHGL/EHGL…no hate to the other thread with the same name…

San Jose Golfland Playerz are comin up… :encore:

I will post up tourneys in SJGL in this thread from now on…

Upcoming CVS PAdrE

I am an upcoming CVS Daddy… I’m not the best yet but i’m getting there… Bring any competition to SJGL… =) It’ll be fun ladies…


i live about 5 mins away from golfland and ive been around for about 7 years (since my brother started working there).

we never got too many good players to come around. it was unknown and competition was horrible. then, when cvs2 came out things changed slightly. the legend jason cole would frequent golfland to hit on the ladies. since then cvs2 has had a pretty decent increase.

in the past year is where we finally picked things up. bhushan started running tournaments, anthony started getting svgl marvel players over, i started throwing tekken tournaments. suddenly san jose golfland is the place to be.

not only is there decent competition on tuesdays and fridays, but the people who play are really friendly and the staff is very interested in helping the players out.

hopefully san jose will continue to grow into a fighting game haven comparable to mgl and svgl.

I started running tourneys cause they didn’t really have anyone to throw tourneys for them. When I threw the first tourney “B.I.O.Hazard”, about 26 people showed up which were all unknown to me. They weren’t really as good as comp up in other GL’s but it showed that they actually wanted to compete in tourneys.

I didn’t really post anything about the first tourney on SRK because I didn’t think ppl would care enough to come down to the low tier GL. I didn’t enter the tournament, I was just throwing it for them. It turned out to be a success, all of them enjoyed it and asked me to throw more tournaments.

So I cut a deal with Golfland management. 6 Tournaments per year and they pay me $650.

Ok, just joking about that part, but I do have tournaments lined up for the future for this place. And I’ll keep you up to date on the 3rd tournament I will throw which will take place near end of July/early August.



you mean golfland waterslides right. do they happen to have guilty gear there?

did they fix the sticks/buttons there?
i used to go for DDR and CvS2…nowadays the only regular there is that wannabe-raver white guy who tries to look asian…oops i meant aZn

They fixed the buttons, which are up to date cvs2 arcade buttons. It’s only one token now instead of 2 like before, the damage has been set to standard (opposed to super high like before…ex…r2 Sagat’s Tiger raid super into Uppercut = half lifebar)And there are more than just one aZn wannabe white guys at the arcade there.:china:

Holla At Cha Boy Bak At Da Bhgl/ehgl Thread!! >_<



Its true that SJGL doesnt match up with SVGL in terms of its best players, but you will still find plently of decent players that arent total a**holes and are willing too play new people. Not only that, SVGL doesnt allways have people when I go on weekdays. SJGL seems to have at least someone to play every night. Hope to see some new faces. :slight_smile: …whats up viet aka the bat.


Wepeel sup guy you play in sjgl? I thought you were down south somewhere anyways I learn a lot from your Todo post and was wondering if I can get some games with you. Either at sjgl or Mgl let me know when you’re free. :tup:

I’m gonna head out there to SJGL tonight till prolly closing… who wants to go? And who’s cvs2nSJ? If you’re wondering who i am, i’m anthony >_<

Eh, Cod wants to play today, anyone going? Might stop on by since its close to me.

Am I gonna have to own you in Marvel Woo?

yeah I’m in SoCal finishing up my Bachelor’s, and on the rare vacations I get, I go back up north to remind myself what Rushdown is all about, courtesy of SVGL…but for sure, next time I’m up there I’ll give SJGL a visit; made lots of memories there…ohhhh man

Glad that my Todo threads helped, but really, I don’t use him much nowadays (well except for recently in A-groove for giggles), but I’ll bust out the grabs for a few matches…

Ok, gotta go…is that old whiteboard with 2001-2002 matches still there??? hehe

Just make sure you holla before heading down to SJGL so ppl know someone is going to be there on weekdays…Tues, Fri, Sat night = busiest. Mon, Thur, Sun = Few ppl. Wed = dead. Also on Tues nights, like SVGL, it’s double tokens if you purchase $10 worth.

SJGL should be getting 3S very soon from what I heard. I will confirm with the management and let you know.

Thanks to all the players that showed up today for the CVS2 Tag tourney. This was not posted in the Shoryuken thread because I already had maximum number signed up for the tournament, which was 16 = 8 teams. Next tourney I will post up in here which will be in August.

Complete Results for tonight’s Tag Tournament (Winner is in bold)

First Round

Anthony/Phil vs. Yosh./Jin
Hugo/Dan vs. Rob/Bhushan
Dave/Will vs. Jason/John
Derrick/Qui vs. Teddy/Allen

2nd Round

Anthony/Phil vs. Rob/Bhushan
Derrick/Qui vs. Will/Dave

2nd Round (Loser’s Bracket)

Yosh./Jin vs. Hugo/Dan
Jason/John vs. Teddy/Allen

3rd Round (Loser’s Bracket)

Yosh./Jin vs. Will/Dave
Jason/John vs. Rob/Bhushan

Semifinals (Loser’s Backet)

Will/Dave vs. Rob/Bhushan

Semifinals (winner’s bracket)

Derrick/Qui vs. Will/Dave


Anthony/Phil vs. Will/Dave

1st Place = Will/Dave
2nd Place = Anthony/Phil
3rd Place = Derrick/Qui

i thought derrick and qui played me in winner’s semi’s and then played will/dave in losers finials, right? i think…

Whats up Anthony, Its me derek =D I believe your correct, but either way it was 3rd. Dude I only lost 2 fights out of like 6 tho…1 to you and 1 too will…:frowning: Im lucky as hell I got where I did. lol