The Bama Thread - ALT Costume 6


wearing black… yep, its dead jim


Yuck… this place had been butchered. Back to nothingness.


Hey guys, just dropping in to let you all know the next Game Galaxy tournament will be this coming Saturday in Antioch, TN. Come on up if you can!


These forums are pretty bad now. tumbleweed


As always
For less than 16 entrants: top 3 payout 70/30/10
Any game with more than 16 entrants will have DEEP payouts! the more people who enter, the more people get paid!
PLUS tournaments with more than 16+ entrants will receive a BONUS $50 to the pot!
Tournaments with more than 32+ entrants will receive a BONUS $100 total to the pot!


Tournament at Game Galaxy coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!


Just a quick reminder that Mobile, AL tournament is this Saturday! Come out and support the scene. Hope to see you guys!


I forgot all about this thread.


meow meow~


You’re not the only one.


Hey guys, just a reminder - “King of the Bling” is coming up in October in Antioch, TN at Game Galaxy! We had a great turnout last year and we hope to have more this year!

  • Your cover fee lets you play all of our arcade and pinball machines while you wait on your matches!

  • Pot bonuses everywhere! $500 1st place extra for SFAE, Injustice, and UMVC3!!
    You won’t want to miss this event! Tell your friends, it’s going to be wild!




New to the Montgomery area and I gotta supergun w/ Yie Ar Kung Fu, Magic Sword, Primal Rage (color doesn’t work on the 'gun), SF Alpha, SF: The Movie (haven’t figured out how to wire the buttons correctly - I’m lazy - ANYBODY WANNA HELP WITH THIS?), SF2 Anniversary Edition, and Ultimate MK3. Oh yeah, and next month I’m getting the SH2 chip swap on my suicided SF3: 3rd Strike U.S. board, so I got that going for me. Does this make me the hip, new, cool kid in town? Any interest in anybody kicking my a$$ in my home stadium?


Hey hey hey, not everybody at once. For those with morbid curiosity, I’m closing in on correctly wiring adapters for the SF: The Movie pcb.


Srk is dead. Everyone moved to facebook.


Thanks, appreciate the head’s up. I don’t do facebook.


Montgomery update: Getting the CPS3 SH2 chip swap done right now, so ALL Capcom CPS3 games will be at my mercy by the weekend (i.e. SF III in all its incarnations, plus a few games). Also think I’ve got the right adapters to play my SF: The Movie with the correct button layout, so anybody wishing to actually steer Van Damme while fighting women should contact me soon. Virtual domestic abuse, w/o the legal ramifications - put that on yer facebooks, kids.


Anybody on here go to that GT South bar in Montgomery? Went by there at opening the other day and it seems Friday nights are when the fighting game enthusiasts show up.



i hate facebook too but forums only work if other people read them


Same with facebook. Get the word out, gracias.