The Bama Thread - "Country Living and Arcade Sticks"


New Thread

Can’t wait til valk.

Who wants a tourney in October.

SSF4 arcade hype - wheres rolento?


Shout out to Final showdown coming out for console lolz


Oh shi… new thread! Me posting?!! DEADLY COMBINATIONZ!!!

Anyway hot shit coming ya’ll way, Birmingham scene upgrade. Ready? goes.

I heard through the grapevine from myself that I’m creating a Youtube channel. Said channel will be dedicated solely to the uploading of the HYPEST, BEASTLIEST, and MOTHERFUCKING UNIQUEST??!!! vids of the B’ham scene sharpening each others fighting game skill a.k.a talking shit and beating that scrub out of each other. So if you wanna see how we make it do what it do or how you got RAPED! then hit it up. Link will be posted up soon (within 24 hours). Oh yeh, no long ass boring sets or lackluster play will be uploaded. Like my homie Leonitus be saying, “ONLY THE HARD, ONLY THE STRONG!!!”

…The Short ASS wait is over WE IN THIS BITCH!!!



I like how you upped the round that I sucked ass in (granted it was the only round recorded). Also, just to let you know Phoeynx, we need to show out versitility in our youtube ventures. We’re monsters in any game that requires an air dash.

Next thread title Isaac, I’m calling it. “Kings of the Air Dash…AND WE MASHING ANTI AIRS FOR IT TOO!”


Look again Ben to see what else is there


Yeah I saw the Super. Sagat focus past Sonic Hurricane wat.


no i’m talking about the vid i got that uploading as we speak. of you versus doren. you’ll be pleased. so quit you’re bitching and hype this channel up in ways only you know how to. Btw its not about you. I’m gonna have vids of everybody blowing each other up in the hypest ways. So don’t feel picked on, you just happened to be first.


-:rofl: As if you or anyone else is going to play it. :rolleyes:

-Pheonyx what kind of camera are you looking to buy?

-Ppl need to start playing Tekken again.

-I’m not going anywhere.

You’re gonna show your versatility by playing only anime games? hahaha

-Also fuck everyone i’m always negative.

EDIT: “Country Living and Arcade Sticks”? Really? 50% of players here are still on pad, man. I might have to make the next thread myself.


lamar subscribe to the new channel we got up for all that is Bama. YouTube - BamaMonsters187’s Channel BAMA WE IN THIS BITCH!!!


Yeah we should tape ggac. Having melty on video would be anti hype imo… Melty vids are only hype when its on a tourny stream or its japanese vids, regular american melty vids is boring as fuck.

And pheonyx stop putting songs on videos that shit is anti hype too… lol


kk songs will stop :frowning:

and by stop i mean put more music in some form on every single vid. I think i’ll turn our shit talk up more though


Good shit on the YT channel.


thanks for the sub wes. my plan is to get everyone on here doing hot shit and getting hot shit done on them. With that being said, lets step our game up people so that hot shit can happen. That way I can exploit your hardwork and gain more Subs on youtube. I’ll have more Subs than Derell (inside joke) MUWAWAWAWAWAWA!!!


Good stuff on the youtube channel. I subscribed.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to play some of you guys soon in BB.

Also new thread DALE YEAH. 8)


Phoeynx, I’m only kidding about that whole one round thing. And the versatility thing was for any game we play…INCLUDING Fighter’s Destiny. I’d also approve of funny shit talk/random player interviews we might do during the gatherings. (okay I’m kidding about Fighter’s Destiny too…unless Wes plays with me.) Also, the music gotta stop. I would rather hear whatever we gotta say anyway, granted that shit is always hype and funny (density = 90%).

Lamar, I play anything man, even Super. I just know/play/practice Melty and GG more.

You need to make playlists too Phoeynx. One for BB, Super, GG, real life shit, and other shit we’ll play for the fuck of it (we need one of those).


Yo listen the music stays. It makes the hit unique. Now what I will do is increase the volume of us talking and take requests for music to put to the vids. So get those thinking caps on its easy to sit bac. CONTRIBUTE SOME SONGS AND MORE “ORIGINAL” IDEAS. We got this shit yall



This song has to be in a video. haha.


I’ll be in Huntsville late tonight (I’ll probably get there around 9-9:30) and tomorrow if anyone wants to game. I think most of you still have my number, but get at me tonight so I can know what to bring. Also, GG’s on Xbox Live, Coldpepper24.


Pheonyx the music makes it hard to just sit there and watch son. Just upload matches without music lol.


I disagree with that dozen. I think its the opposite. I’d rather meet in the middle though and turn the background up and music down. I’m not saying every vid will have music these kids now just have them. sigh if I get a lot more complaints about the music then ill just upload them raw. It takes longer to upload with music anyway. So fire away Mama check out the BamaMonsters187 you tube channel and tell me what you think. Music, no music or a little bit of both. Everyone opinion will be taken into consideration, even those not from the Beam scene!


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