The Bama Thread - Monster Creation at it's Finest!

On everything man, when I was playing sf3 and I saw niggas whiffing normals I thought they was fucking trolling me, then I had to remember you build meter off normals lol.

good luck to those going to ATL Revivals

Soooo, I no longer reside in the Huntsville area… I now live in a town called Millbrook that isn’t too far from Montgomery… I probably won’t have too much freedom to go anywhere until I get a working vehicle, but when I do, I’m gonna be hitting up anyone in the vicinity. Who is around here?

andy you gotta form that drexler institute in the gump

also i guess no streams for atl revival anyone know how our boys are doing over there?

Good shit to Maurice, Free and Re for getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.

I’m pretty proud of how i did in Blazblue today, and im not the least bit salty at my mvc3 loses. Got bodied by 645, like many others. Keep rocking dat saturn pad.

I’m in Prattville I live like 2 minutes from Millbrook though. We usually get up at my place every now and then or at the GT South store on Fridays. What games do you play?

T-Town was mad fun. It sucks that I end up having to play my boys everytime, but hey, it is what it is. I definitely would attend another one, hopefully sooner than later. And on that note…


jumps into lariat assist

I ain’t even mad though. Great way to spend a Saturday.

Need to practice real fly-cancel combos. Need to practice, period. I don’t get enough play in during the week because of my whack work shift.

I am soooooooo bad at SF3…

True that bro! BBCSII was fun indeed. And Saturn pad…all the way. :slight_smile: Great tourney. Great turnout. Thanks to all that came.

I played Wolfkrone like 3 times until he avoided me as a player :frowning:

Black on black hatred, yo.

Zo, Solidplay, and myself took Atlanta Revival. Pokchop, Dantee, Clint took 3rd. Georgia boys took 2nd.

1 full team kill from solidplay, and 2 from myself. Zo only got to play 2 matches due to our win steaks: He pulled a win against Dantee after I got rocked, and then once in the Grand Finals (which he lost). We were never knocked out of winners bracket, and Dantee was the only one that took a win on me at any point.

Dantee’s team wiped out TooMuchDamage’s team, which I was thankful for. We went about 50/50 in casuals, but I still wouldn’t have wanted to go up against him in a tournament match.

270$ prize, but my greedy teammates made me split it with them 33/33/33. See if I ever play with them again!
Bunch of fun stuff happened, but as I woke up at 7:00 A.M. to begin the 4 or so hour trip and it’s now nearly 7:00 A.M. of the next day and I’m just now getting back…I can tell those stories later. For now, I’m taking a well deserved break.

T-town was awesome fun, so glad I came out to play. Should have practiced AE more, but can’t complain with 2nd in 3s. Great games to all I played!

I’ve been trying to step my game up in AE.

Holy shit guys

I went by Bumpernets at the Galleria the other day and had a pretty interesting conversation with the manager. Basically, I told him I was part of a group of fighting game players from across Bama, and I asked him if they had ever planned or discussed getting any fighting games in there. He asked if I was looking to buy a cabinet, I told him no, that we would be more interested in them having the machines and hosting tournaments with them. He said they already did stuff like that (they host DDR tourneys for example) and that yes, they had been thinking about getting some FG cabs, but the problems were 1) the maintenance of used machines (which most FG cabs obviously are) was a pain, and 2) they didn’t know which games people would be interested in. At that point, he gave me his business card and told me to discuss it with the scene and let him know which newer FGs we would want, as they’re attending an arcade tradeshow coming up soon.

The guy seemed pretty serious–he didn’t even flinch when I mentioned a SF4 cab costs ~$20,000.

That’s what the fuck you get for teaming with black people. Seriously, were you not prepared for the awkward discussion of money AS SOON AS YOU GOT THE WINNINGS?

BumperNets is legit, I love that place. If they really could get cabs there, they will forever have a hand in my expenses for the week.

So looks like I’ll be investing in a bus card to come to store, and its not as bad as I thought it would be. 60 bucks for an entire year is pretty legit and looks like the route I’ll take would put me on 20th st ensley so I’ll invest in one asap so I can come to store.

Good shit at revival and t-town. As for Bham, we need to play AE moar.

is that the place in the galleria that looks abandoned or somethin with the ddr machines? IIRC, they had some time crisis and other boring stuff in there. I think I know where it’s at and it would be hella legit to have some cabs in there. It’ll definitely cut back on hauling your shit back and forth.

P.S. If anyone knows how to tatsu, s.LP, then KKZ properly in sf3 please let me know. Shits harder than evo moment 37 and I completed that in less than an hour. :frowning:

This is funny, because the tournament wrapped up so late. I grabbed the money and was like “Let’s divvy it up while we walk or during the 3 hour car ride” and Solidplay was like “No, we do it here.” “Let’s just go, I’m ready to get out of-” “NO, WE DO IT HERE. TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET.” “Ok, okay, jeez…”

Yep. They mainly have classic coin-ops, pinball, and “game room” stuff (ping pong tables, Foosball, billiards, etc) with a few DDR cabs and light gun games.

I’m thinking of proposing they obtain the following:

  • Two Taito Type X2 setups: one for a dedicated AE setup and another for swapping between BBCS2 and KoFXIII.
  • A Tekken 6 BR cab.
  • ???

I need suggestions, people. Preferably newer titles–the manager himself said maintenance of used cabs was an issue in having them.