The Bama Thread - Resurrected For The Resurrection!?

New thread go.

W00t , healed up mostly and ready to travel.

Tourney feb 19th in b’ham
glad to see the scene moving forward.

Shot outs to everyone hosting.

Atlanta’s Impact Clash (Major) Hosts:Magnicious/Pokchop/LordIceman-Cool-Breeze
Atlantic South Divisions Final Round (Major) Hosts:Shinblanka & E.M.S.
Augusta’s Super Battle (Major) Hosts:Druseph/CoosCoos
Savannah Ga’s (Bi-Weeklies) Hosts:Alvien
Columbus Ranbats (Under Construction) Hosts:Alternate
Tennessee’s Kumite K.i.T. (Major) Hosts:JiO/Kodeevu
Alabama B’Ham Monthlies (Monthly) Hosts:Raekwon187
Alabama Crisis (Under Construction) Hosts:LordIceman/Raekwon187/MysticBlack

tourney thread link

Whats good Ike!? Good to hear you’re up and moving again. I’ll be catchin yall in the Ham come the 19th.

AHH i’ll have to make out to one of those soon

With my luck, prolly not gonna be able to make it this month. Should be able to make it to the next one though.

So Marvel 3’s only two weeks away; are we doing anything special for the release in Auburn?

I am now aware that there are two raekwon187s

Sup new thread. I’m in Daytona chillin’

Sup everyone. Looking forward to the upcoming monthly.

Sup everyone, Who is ready for that new Marvel Groove?


I seriously cannot wait until this game comes out. I’ve always wanted to be in the mix when MVC2 was red-hot in the south. Now I can contribute to the long legacy that is Mahvel. This is an opportunity for all us new players to step on to a level playing field with the South’s most elite Marvel players. I’m not going to name drop because “Ya’ll know who ya’ll is!” Lets get it Bama. oh yeh I’m gonna kick the channel back up. I know its been stagnant for a minute. I’ve taken into consideration all “CONSTRUCTIVE” criticism and decided to take the channel into a new, all inclusive direction. All footage from all matches recorded will be uploaded without edits. I will put up a new video up of us all introducing ourselves (if possible to get everyone together LOLBOT!!!). There you go.

Streetfighter and Drink Night -Friday, February 4-

Just a reminder that this Friday is Streetfighter and Drink Night in Auburn!

Come play SF and drink with us! Please send me a PM or post on here for contact info and directions. Doors open at 8!

Main Events:
-Heineken beer will be on tap thanks to our new Kegerator!! Grats to ACCELERATOR and Grifith for donating most of the money for it.
-Something unforgivably cheap will be released
-CABINET GAME OF THE WEEK: Vampire Savior (w/ side of CvS2 since we couldn’t get it to work last week but we will this week)

MR. WONDERFUL CLAUSE: If you come to play SF and Drink with us then please park in visitor parking or your car will get towed! Visitor parking is any parking with yellow lines instead of white.

Thinking about hosting the Friday after MvC3 is released. Anyone interested?

gonna b in Auburn that friday

thats the plan

Good shit on resurrecting the YT channel Cordarius, can’t wait for some new stuff to be recorded/uploaded.

I’m going to start having weekly gatherings again. Gotta prep for upcoming tourneys! How does every Friday or Saturday work for everyone? I’ll be getting in touch with people via cell to set things up.

If there are any newcomers or anyone else wanting to get some practice in, you’re welcome to join us! My house is in Hueytown about five minutes off the Alabama Adventure exit on I-20/59. I have multiple TVs set up and own an Xbox 360, but someone usually brings a PS3 or you are welcome to bring your own. Just post in this thread or PM me if you’re interested in attending!


Anything going down for the Superbowl?

To anyone interested who is in the Huntsville/Madison area, I finally got my Arcana Heart 3 in, so if you wanna play come over this Sunday. You can come whenever, just make sure you call first.

Man i ain’t callin you nigga i do what i want. I’ll just show up if i damn well feel like it lol

I’m working on my mix tape right now. It’s probably a bit too sensual for most of ya’ll out there, but they’re some of my fav songs from the strip clubs.