The basics of a mix-up


This title might be a bit mis-leading since I’m asking for help and not helping but eh whatever.

When you start out with a game like SF4 everybody who tries to help you makes it their goal to teach you the fundamentals or “the funions” as I hear people call it. The question I’m asking today is where do I go next?

I’d like to think I have a pretty strong grasp of the fundamentals and your standard okie, but after that it seems like I’m at a wall, I’ve been having a character crisis for a long time now and I’m thinking that Ken might actually be my dude but to play him to his fullest potential he’s a “rushdown” character. Now what exactly is a rush down character? Someone who adds constant pressure with offense and mix-UPS (at least this is how I see it) now a basic mix-UP can be a Cody neutral jumping you with NJ.fierce to an Akuma setting you up for an unblockable, But basically how I see it Is, what is stopping someone from just slapping buttons and stopping your momentum? I’ve had multiple accounts where I’m going for a cross up and I just get auto-correct Dp’d ending all momentum or I go for a safe jump and I got a block string and a little pressure and then were back at square. I don’t know how to end this novel so potato.

tldr how do I go for mix-UPS without just having some mash dp

disclaimer: I’m actually awful at this game so if you want to correct me on anything I said go right ahead

P.S. I know that mix-UPS aren’t just air oriented I’m just giving an example

thanks for taking your time to help out a scrub :slight_smile:


a mixup doesn’t necessarily mean you make the opponent guess which way to block

a mixup is when you make the opponent guess what option to take, options could be block in a certain direction, reversal, throw, backdash, etc

jump-in mixups that aren’t safe jumps are countered by reversal shoryu, it’s just the way it is. so if you keep on using a jump-in left-right “mixup”, you’re not actually mixing it up because the opponent can just do reversal shoryu every time

empty jump block is also a part of a mixup

so are safe jumps, empty jump throw, walk up throw, walk up walk back sweep, walk up crouching short, empty jump crouching short

there is a lot more to a mix up than just making them guess which way to block, but the things you do for mix-ups depend on which character you’re using, so i suggest you go to the SF4 Ken subforums and read up


You need to understand conditionning.

Read this:

It’s another system, but the principles are the same.

Once your opponent think you’re going for something specific do the counter to what you think they think you’re going to do.

#4 Focuses on Honda, Ryu and Balrog but concepts are applicable to SF4 in general