The Basics Thread - Primer on YouTube!

Before you can fight, you need to know what else is there for your exploration.


Anything encased in Spoiler Tags is Cross Generation of Heroes Information.

Cross Generation of Heroes Info

Wii Stuff

Menu Translation

???Arcade Mode
???Vs. Mode
???=?Time Attack
???Play Data
???Original (Mini) Games

Shop Information

In order to buy stuff from the store you have to earn points to do it. You can only earn points by playing Arcade, Survival, Time Attack and Mini Games. Just a damn shame the MAHVEL 2 Training Trick doesn’t work.

Orange - ? - Characters/3P Costumes (Capcom Only)
Yellow - Film - Movies
Yellow -Music Note- Background Music (for Gallery play)
Red - Book - Character Profiles
D. Blue- Wiimote - Minigame
L. Blue- Paper - Illustrations

Unlocking Stuff

Capcom Side
Beat Arcade Mode once with a Capcom character to make Saki Omokane appear in Shop Mode (cost 1,000 Points)
Beat Arcade Mode three times with Capcom characters to make Viewtiful Joe appear in Shop Mode (cost 2,000 Points)

Tatsunoko Side
Beat Arcade Mode once with a Tatsunoko character to make Hakusho Daimao appear in Shop Mode (cost 1,000 Points)
Beat Arcade Mode three times with Tatsunoko characters to make Ippatsuman appear in Shop Mode (cost 2,000 Points)

Mini Games

You start with a couple of them unlocked but the rest have to be unlocked then bought in order to play said Mini Game.

You unlock Mini Games in the shop by beating the game for the first time with a character. Whatever 2 Members or Mango Lightan/Ivan defeat Yami that/those characters Mini Games are unlocked in the shop for purchase.

Here’s a post about all the Mini Games TvC has to offer

Earning P to Spend

The easiest way to earn points to to play MegaMan’s mini game. You pretty much count Servbots/Kobuns. And the killer is you can get 300 P Max and if you just play it you get 150 for just trying. The best part the points you earn in the Mini Game are payed out by exactly how much points you score. The catch is as soon as the Mini Game is over you retry and collect dem monies. Repeat until rich.

  1. Get Mega Man mini game
  2. Play it
  3. ???
  4. Repeat till Rich.

Subject to change if a more profitable way is found out. Until then, GET MONEY!!!

DAT SUBJECT CHANGE: If you know basic math skills then Hakushon Daima?'s game is that money maker. Just answer about 15 questions and get paper!!

Stage Data and 3P Costumes

By playing a Mini Game starring a Tatsunoko Character unlocks Stage Data for you to purchase in the shop.

By playing a Mini Game starring a Capcom Character unlocks a 3P Costume for purchase in the shop.


You can only unlock 1 ending at a time. So whomever on your squad lands the final blow to Yami is who’s ending is unlocked in that characters profile. This same forumla is also the way characters are unlocked for purchase as well. [/details]

How to Unlock Everything in Ultimate All-Stars

Character Unlocks

Tekkaman Blade: Finish Arcade Mode with 3 different members of Team Tatsunoko

Joe the Condor: Finish Arcade Mode with 6 different members of Team Tatsunoko

Frank West: Finish Arcade Mode with 3 different members of Team Capcom

Maverick Hunter Zero: Finish Arcade Mode with 6 different members of Team Capcom

Yatterman-2 AKA Ai-Chan: Finish Arcade Mode with Tekkaman Blade, Joe the Condor, Frank West and Maverick Hunter Zero


To unlock a character’s 3rd Costume they have to defeat PTX-40A/Gold Lightan in Stage 4

To Unlock a character’s 4th costume they have to defeat Yami in Stage 8

Ultimate All-Shooters

After you beat the game and the credits start to roll press any button to activate a small mini game with The Dorombo Gang or Roll-chan if she was the character used to beat the game. Collect all the Yellow Letters to spell THANK YOU FOR PLAYING and once the credits finish you’ll unlock Ultimate All-Shooters for play.

Getting Zenny

Activating the mini game during the credits is the quickest and easiest way to get Zenny at a very fast rate. Every letter you collect is worth Zenny. So collect as much as you can.


You can only unlock 1 ending at a time. So whomever on your squad lands the final blow to Yami is who’s ending is unlocked in that characters profile. This same forumla is also the way characters are unlocked for play as well.

Online Icons

You unlock various icons by playing the game and then you can use them online to stand out. Also unlocking these Icons count toward 100% completion. So with this little guide you can collect them all.

Science Ninja Team Symbol - Clear Arcade with Ken the Eagle
Bird Run - Clear Arcade Mode once without using any Continues
Casshan Symbol - Clear Arcade with Casshan
Friender - Buy at least 20 things from the shop
Tekkaman Symbol - Clear Arcade with Tekkaman
Pegas - Get onto the Arcade Score Ranking board
Polimar Symbol - Clear Arcade with Polimar
Polimet - Make all Tatsunoko Character Gallery purchases
Yatterman Symbol 1 - Clear Arcade with Yatterman-1
Kendamagic - Win at least 10 rounds in a run of Survival Mode
Dokurobei Symbol - Clear Arcade with Doronjo
Doronbo Symbol - Buy 3rd colors for at least 10 Tatsunoko characters
Rainball - Clear Arcade with Ippatsuman
V Symbol - Buy 3rd colors for all Tatsunoko characters
Yo-Yo - Clear Arcade with Jun the Swan
G-3 Helmet - Buy 4th colors for at least 10 Tatsunoko characters
Full Moon - Clear Arcade with Karas
Zan Kanji - Clear Arcade with at least 10 different characters
Tekkaman Blade - Clear Arcade with Tekkaman Blade
Crystal - Have Tekkaman Blade unlocked and obtain at least 20 icons
Yatterman Symbol 2 - Clear Arcade with Yatterman-2
Heart - Clear Arcade with at least 20 different characters
Bird Missile - Clear Arcade with Joe the Condor
G Symbol - Buy 4th colors for all Tatsunoko characters
Gold Lightan - Clear Arcade with Gold Lightan
Gold Lightan Title (G) - Collect at least 1,000,000 Zenny in total
Ryu’s Glove - Clear Arcade with Ryu
Black Belt - Win at least 5 matches against people on your Rival List or use Ryu’s Lv.3 Hyper three times in the same Arcade Mode match
Meat Bun - Clear Arcade with Chun-Li
Chun-Li’s Back - Make all Stage Viewer purchases
Tomo Kanji - Clear Arcade with Batsu
Taiyo High School Crest - Win at least 5 matches against people on your Friend List or use Batsu’s Lv.3 Hyper three times in the same Arcade Mode match
Bat - Clear Arcade with Morrigan
Wing Accessory - Perform a combo with at least 99 hits
Alex’s Glove - Clear Arcade with Alex
Bandana - Perform a combo that does at least 45 billion damage
V-Watch - Clear Arcade with Viewtiful Joe
Viewtiful Joe Title (V) - Buy 3rd colors for at least 10 Capcom characters
Mega Buster - Clear Arcade with Megaman Volnutt
Servbot - Buy 3rd colors for all Capcom characters
Broom - Clear Arcade with Roll
Bucket - Buy 4th colors for at least 10 Capcom characters
Saki’s Chest Symbol - Clear Arcade with Saki
Saki’s Helmet - Make all Capcom Character Gallery purchases
Horns - Clear Arcade with Kaijin no Soki
Souls - Have at least 30 hours of play time
Camera - Clear Arcade with Frank West
Zombie - Buy 4th colors for all Capcom characters
Z Sabre - Clear Arcade with Zero
Z Symbol - Clear Arcade with all Megaman characters (Volnutt, Roll, and Zero)
Gatling Gun - Clear Arcade with PTX-40A
VS Caliber - Clear all Blocks in Ultimate All-Shooters
Tatsunoko Symbol - You have it by default
Capcom Logo - You have it by default
POW - Clear Block G in Ultimate All-Shooters
Mobi-chan - Clear Block H in Ultimate All-Shooters
Zenny Symbol - Clear Block I in Ultimate All-Shooters
Odate Buta - Clear Block J in Ultimate All-Shooters
Yami - Clear Arcade once at the highest difficulty
Versus Symbol - Play 10 matches in Versus Mode

And that’s pretty much it. So to the violence if you please.

TvC Battle Basics



Button Placement

A = Light Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Hard Attack
D = Partner

XX = Cancel Into

All motions listed are under the assumption that you are facing right. Adjust motion as needed.

:l::l: or :r::r: = Dash Backwards or Forwards
Self Explanatory

:snka:+:snkb:+:snkc: = Alternate Dash Command
Pretty much what it says.
*The alternative to :l::l: or :r::r: depending on your direction.

:d::u: = Super Jump
Jump higher than just :u: would normally let you.

:u: then :u: = Double Jump
Self Explanatory
*Can also Double Jump after a Super Jump.
*Alex is the only non giant who can’t double jump.

Normal/Double/Super Jump followed by :l::l:, :r::r: or :snka:+:snkb:+:snkc: = Air Dash
Dash while airborne

:uf: or :ub:+:snka:+:snkb:+:snkc: = Instant Air Dash
Instead of having to jump and then dash, this is the substitute for that.

:l: or :r:+:snkc: While Close = Throw
Self Explanatory
Also switches side with opponent depending on which direction is used.
*You also Tech Hit Throws in this same manner.
*Tech Hits in TvC are referred to as a Break Away.

:df:+:snkc: = Aerial Rave Launcher
Fancy way of saying knocking your opponent in the air.

:u: after Aerial Rave Launcher = Pursuit
Go after your opponent after they’ve been knocked into the air and continue your combo.

:snkd: = Assist
Call in your partner for an attack
*You can hold this button before a fight and switch to your partner to start the battle.

:l: + :snkd:= Variable Tag Attack
Switch to your partner if available and your partner does an attack on the way in.

:snka:,:snkb:,:snkc: = Basic Combo Chain
*This is very character dependent.

Most characters can add either another :snka: or :snkb: before getting to the end of the chain. Also most characters instead of doing :snkc: at the end of the chain can do an Aerial Rave Launcher to continue the combo in the air. And this same chain is usable in the air as well.

*Also note some characters can do combos that include a direction and a button press and still have it link.

An example being Ippatsuman:
:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:df:+:snkb:,:snkc:,(:db: or :df:)+:snkc:

:snka:, :snkb:, or :snkc:+:snkd:= Activate Baroque (uses all of your red life)
Pretty much a free cancel at the expense of any recoverable life you may have upon activation. Also extra damage is done based of how much recoverable life is used for Baroque Activation while the combo is ongoing.

:qcf:+:snkd: = Variable Air Raid (uses 1 level of meter)
This move allows you to tag in the air as long as your partner is available, you are at Level 1 or more and that the VAR attack actually connects with your opponent. Meter is used only if the tag takes place.

While Blocking :snka:+:snkb:+:snkc: = Advancing Guard AKA Push Block
Gives you some breathing room while blocking an oncoming attack.
Also reduces damage if not completely nullfing it while using Advancing Guard.

:snka:+:snkb:+:snkc:+:snkd: = Mega Crash
Stop your opponent’s onslaught with this. There are a couple of moves that can’t be broken with Mega Crash.
Uses 2 Levels of Super Meter and costs some of your lifebar to use as well.
Good to see things never change.

:l: or :r:+:snkd: While Guarding = Variable Counter
Just a Counter version of the Variable Tag Attack. The big difference is your partner will do their Aerial Rave Launcher upon completion.

After a Special Move activate L1/L3 Super Move while your Special Move is taking place = Super Cancel
Self Explanatory

*Remember not all moves can be super canceled and even if they can they won’t always connect or score all the hits possible.

Activate your partner’s L1 or 3 Super after yours has started = Delayed Hyper Combo
There are 3 Chains that DHC’s can go and they all depend on how much meter you have.

*The Setup: Character Who Activates Level 1 XX Your Partner Who Cancels into Level 1 or 3 XX Character Who Cancels Level 1 or 3

1: Level 1 XX Level 1 XX Level 1 = 3 Levels and 2 Cancels
2: Level 1 XX Level 3 = 4 Meters and 1 Cancel
3: Level 1 XX Level 1 XX Level 3 = 5 Meters and 2 Cancels

Pressing :snkd: while activating your L1 super = Variable Hyper Combo
Timing is very crucial. As soon as the L1 motion is done, immediately press :snkd: to call your partner (if they are alive) in and they will perform their super as well.
Costs 3 Levels to use

*Not all L1 Supers can be used to start Variable/Delayed Hyper Combos. You’ll know which ones because they activate “cutscenes” while the move is taking place.

Snapback Commands

Hold :l: for a brief moment +:r:+:snkc:= Snapback for PTX-40A

Hold :l: for a brief moment +:r:+Any attack followed by :dp:+:snkc: = Snapback for Alex
*In order for Alex to complete the Snapback both moves have to hit.

:hcb:+:snkc: = Snapback command for Mango Lightan
*It’s easier to use this snapback command after a successful launcher.

Hakushon Daima?'s Snapback Command


:hcb:+:snkc: =Snapback for Hakushon Daima?

Keits’ Lifebar Study for CGoH

Keits’ Lifebar Study

I’ve done the math backwards (hope im doing it right!) to see how much HP each character has. Alex hyper bomb does 25,960 damage (remember, its a lv3!). These numbers will not be totally exact, as my percentages were estimated using a ruler. It should help though. I am rounding to the nearest hundred.


1.)Gold Lightan - 64,900 HP

2.)PTX-40A - 59,000 HP

3.)Daimao, Alex, and Tekkaman - 50,900 HP

4.)Souki - 49,000 HP

5.)Casshern - 47,200 HP

6.)Ryu, Polymar, Batsu, Doronjo - 45,500 HP

7.)V.Joe, Chun, Ippatsuman - 44,000 HP

8.)Ken, Jun, Morrigan, Saki - 42,600 HP

9.)Rock, Yatterman - 40,000 HP

10.)Roll - 38,200 HP

11.)Karas - 37,100 HP

LEAST HEALTH[/details]

Keits’ Lifebar Study for Ultimate All Stars

Health listing and estimations - MOST HEALTH first

1.) Gold Lightan ~71,500hp

2.) PTX-40A ~65,000hp

3.) Alex, Tekkaman ~54,500hp

4.) Kaijin no Soki ~52,000hp

5.) Frank West, Tekkaman Blade, Casshan ~49,500hp

6.) Ryu, Batsu, Doronjo, Polimar ~48,000hp

7.) Chun Li, Viewtiful Joe, Ippatsuman ~46,000hp

8.) Morrigan, Saki, Joe the Condor, Jun the Swan, Ken the Eagle ~44,000hp

9.) Megaman Trigger, Yatterman-1, Yatterman-2 ~42,000hp

10.) Roll, Zero ~40,000hp

11.) “Karas Tier” Karas ~37,500hp

I borrowed Keits OP as a base for this. And both of his lifebar studies as well. So shouts to him.



Some stuff MarkMan posted and some stuff borrowed and edited from the SRK Wiki. And my personal knowledge of TvC.

Translated Japanese Wiki

Original TvC Wiki in Japanese

So far from what I can tell, one of Alex’s specials is what does snapback (Charge back, foward + attack then input a DP shortly after). Has there been any other characters shown to be able to do it as well?

I was kind of hoping it was a universal mechanic in this game.

Ivan’s Charge back, foward + attack also snaps. Snapback also destroys the red life of the character who got in.

And sorry if i am mistaken, but doesnt advance guard also decrease/nullify blocking damage?

Wow, thank you so much for using actual symbols and not letters and numbers to indicate inputs. Good job!:tup:

Lightan also has snapback (his qcb + c).

Lookin good.

Throw is C.

Iffin’ we decide on a symbol for ‘any attack’, that would be documented here?

No problem. Thank complete excitement and not being able to sleep.

I’ll add it up.

Fixed. And if a smiley is determined that we all agree on I’ll edit as need be.

Daimaou also has a snapback in a form of a pseudo-throw (hcb + c, or is it qcb + c?) - a.k.a. that bottle attack.

Wolfox, find out the exact command so I can add it in.
And keep the info flowing so I can get this as complete as possible.

Quick baroque study (didn’t think I should make a thread for it)

Training mode, free Baroque with Ryu doing :snka:, (baroque cancel):dp::snka:. Normally linked (without canceling), its base damage is 3080 if your own health is above 20%.

Red % | DMG

0% | 1484 -Lower base
10% | 3016 -Lower than base
20% | 4548
30% | 6080
40% | 7612
50% | 9144
60% | 10676
70% | 12209
80% | 14771 -at this point the Base damage is 3311
90% | 17182 -Base damage 3465
MAX | 18905 -Base damage 3465

Some of these will be impossible in a real match, I think, but pretty interesting to note how much this could turn a match if successful.

I propose that the Baroque data and Keits’ armor data be added into the top post and that this be stickied. Good stuff.

so, everyone knows that every character can air dash into an overhead, right?

lol @ the translated wiki. Chun li = Spring Treasures. Good idea posting it, but I’m glad I can read Japanese.

Feel Free to throw any of this stuff in the first post.

--------------Viewtiful Joe Glitch Info-------------------------
How to perform:
Launcher,Jump,:snka:,:snkb: QCB :snkb: xxx QCF :snkd: aka P

Did a little testing of my own.

You can mash out of the glitch anywhere (I mashed out after he left the screen completely to test this), so would it be a possible run away tactic? who knows.

Also if Joe’s foot touched the opponent during the VAC the VAC activates properly the glitch only happens with his foot misses for the VAC animation.

Maybe this glitch is possible with other small characters (ie. small VAC hitbox that whiffs.)

--------------------Tatsunoko Roster With Pics--------------

Ok, here’s a comprehensive picture/list matching the exact character roster. I hope. Maybe someone can do the Capcom Side since I don’t have much time.

The Tatsunoko Side, from left to right, just like on the character select screen.

  [Hakushon Daimou]( / [Karas]( /  [Polymar]( [Casshern]( / [Ken](

Gold Lightan <-----
Ippatsuman /Doronjo / Yatterman / Tekkaman /Jun

-----------------Basic Assist Guide---------
This is not a description on how the assist affects, combos, damage, or combo-ability
Just what you need to know when you start using them.

It is possible for more info to be added later, such as damage.

/////*/ indicates its usefulness.

Tatsunoko Side:

Hakushon = Stick, Corner Crossup, mid range, fast speed = 1hit, 3200 Damage
Ippatsuman = Fly Special , mid range, medium speed = 1hit, 2720 Damage
Karas = Disc Special, short range, fast speed = 1hit, 400 Damage ???
Doronjo = Taunt, short range, slow speed, stagger = 1hit, 2000 Damage
Polymar = Kick Special, juggles, short range, fast speed = 4hits, 1480 Damage
Yatterman = Kendama , mid/long range, med/fast speed, = 1hit, 3500 Damage
/// Only hits far
Casshern = SRK , juggles, mid range, slow speed, OTGs = 4hits, 4004 Damage
////// Great assist!
Tekkaman = Chain Grab, juggles, mid range, slow speed = 2hit, 1110 Damage
Ken = Bird Throw , long range, fast speed = 1hit, 1024 Damage
Jun = Whip Attack, long range, medium speed = 1hit, 1600 Damage

Capcom Side:

Ryu = Hadouken Special, long range, med/fast speed = 1hit, 3200 Damage
Chun li = Upkicks, juggles, short range, fast speed = 3hits, 2850 Damage
Morrigan = Soul Blast, long range, med-fast speed = 1hit, 2080 Damage
Alex = Elbow Slash, long range, medium speed = 1hit, 3200 Damage
Batsu = Fire Uppercut, juggles, short range, fast speed = 3hits, 2280 Damage
Rock = Drill Uppercut, juggles, mid range, medium speed = 5hits, 5880 Damage
Souki = Shoulder Tackle, mid range, slow speed = 1hit, 3200 Damage
Roll = Water Toss, short range, fast speed, stagger = 1hit, 1200 Damage
Saki = Her Fierce,juggles, short range, slow speed =1hit, 3600 Damage
// Worst Assist, Period.
Joe = Viewtiful Bomb, short range, very slow speed = 1hit, 3600 Damage
/ Second worst assist, but still usable.

Let me know if I messed something up, also I want to hear your opinions on the ratings.

Yatterman-1s assist hits far. like from one edge to half of the screen.

And (something nobody cares) he doesnt use a yoyo, its a Kendama. Jun uses a yoyo

Thanks for the clarifications, I thought it looked like a yoyo to me.

Jun doesn’t use a yo-yo, it’s a science-ninja-spinning-string-affixed weapon.

j/k that’s a yo-yo.

yeah dont worry. This is a kendama

It seems that it is or it was very popular among children in japan.

I’m very surprised that no one has mentioned Assault, i must assume it was dumped? no one has said something related…

Neither Rolling… but that sure is in.

Btw, can you really dhc 3 times? or i misunderstood that part? i’ve never seen someone do it…

No, you can dhc 3 times.