The Basketball Thread


Let’s talk about basketball, non NBA/NCAA/League. As in, what do YOU play?

I prefer playing outdoors, but it’s just easier to find a bunch of people in pickup games at my school gym.

Best positions: Centre/Power Forward. I’m 6’0, 166, which is good enough to do a decent job deep in the paint. My hops suck, but I can still get those boards.

Worst positions: Anywhere on the perimeter. My shooting is really inconsistent, and i’m definitely not an outside shooter.

Strengths: I am a BEAST at reading offensive plays while i’m on defence. As long as it’s anything from 3v3 to 5v5. Plus I have a huge wingspan, so I find interceptions easy.

Weaknesses: Everything…else :(. My handles suck, which I need to improve. I’m fine with driving down the right lanes, but i can’t do the same for the left lanes. To improve this, I now dribble only with my left hand, trying to get it in shape.

Anyone have tips on how to improve my shot outside the key? I liked Ray Allen’s mini game, +1/-2, where you keep shuffling, and for every shot you sink, you get a point, and for every miss, you lose 2 points. The object is to reach 10 points. Also, what do I work out to get more power in the shot, especially jumpshots? Is it mainly triceps/shoulders?

Talk, discuss. :nunchuck:


You know, its beautiful day for outdoor Basket-ball once again.
Shootaround in the evening, Games in the night.
Its a beautiful thing.


So true. It’s really hard to find an outdoors pickup game in my area though. It’s so much easier to play indoors, where there’s guaranteed people.


Yeah i know.
What i do in the week, shootaround with my lil brother (he’s 6’5!) every day, all day.
Sunday is when all my peeps and others people reunited on the court, playing 5 on 5’s.


whats the word on the streets for good basketballs. im in need of buying a new one…and i havent bought one in about a decade…honest to god.


I play in Men’s League all throughout the summer just to get ready for a Labor Day North American tournament that I attend every year. I’m pretty thin so I’m a perimeter player whose job it is to shoot threes. No more, no less. I come off screens a lot and can handle a the PG position if necessary.

I am liable on the block but can play defense against guards.


i play anywhere and everywhere…
as long as its not dumb hot outside i prefer outdoor courts.


Height: 6’0

Position: PG, SG.

Strengths: Good Speed, Court vision, Crashing boards, Mid range shots.

Weaknesses: Drive to the basket, committing fouls and hard fouls.

I should restart Karate to get in shape and regain my hops.


Ive always played the 1-2 positions through school and Au.
Best part of my game is my handle/passing and defense. My shot used to be garbage when i was in HS (too focused on crossing niggas)…but i worked on it as i got older.

Im 5’10 165 lbs (trying to get to 170 :rolleyes:)


I used to foul a lot when driving to the basket simply because i’m so lanky, but i’ve learnt to control my body in order to draw the foul rather than commit it. All about using the shoulders to throw off people rather than the elbows.

Still looking for shooting drills to help improve my shot!

EDIT: I’m trying to reach 170 too Epi, I probably will in a month or two.


Also don’t forget the legs. It’ll also help you boost the power in your shots.

I’m a tiny guy at ~ 5’5, but I can sink my shots, dish out the assists, and cherry pick through the courts.

I also prefer outdoors mainly 'cause I grew up playing like that.

Anyone here play pick up games? As in you go to the courts, and random gather up whoever’s there to start a game (or join if there’s already a game going). Do you guys call “FIRST” in those jump ball situations? I wonder if its just a regional thing here. I’m sure there’s gotta be different street ball rules in different areas. Here we call “First” if there’s a jump ball situation. First team to call “first” gets possession this time. If situation arises again, next team has it.

What about fouls? We just say “I got it.”

In disputes like where someone borders the outta bounds line, we usually let it go and say “we got next” - meaning if it happens again, we get possession. Sometimes we’ll have the person shoot a 3 point shot. If he makes it, they keep position, if not they lose it. Often times, some jerk will shout out “The Ball Never Lies!”


Gym> outdoors any day for me


Free Throws. All Day.


I fucked both of my knees up recently:sad:

I was on a baseline dunk a la Kobe bryant and I ran so fast that after I dunked it my whole body was shifting to the right. The reason I caught my boy off guard is cause when I drive, I usually go straight up the middle or to the right, cause my left handed dribbling was inconsistant.I’ve been practicing lately.

So I beat him off the dribble with my left and I’m coming up the left side. I’m ahead of him by at least 2 steps and I jump to try to dunk on my other boy. I did it too handed but I slipped off the rim and twisted a little to try to land on my feet but instead landed on my left side.

My knees are killing me to this day, so I might see a doctor soon…



How tall are you?


Height: 6’1
Weight: 173
Body Fat %: 12.4%
Position: mostly down low, left and right wings

Strength: Hops and block ability
Weaknesses: 3 range and handles

I play ball every monday and wednesday (minus this past monday due to stomach flu) and play at the local Y. I am older than the majority of the crowd now (high schools and colleges are out) and normally enough playing against people a bit older than me (less showing off and shit)

Switched the game up on the court though, people who are regs. at the place will not drive to the hoop anymore once I get in the game…I make it a point to block someone and for them to know it.



spot shooter, passer ROFL


I should be 6’4"-6’5" right now…



Now i feel your pain, my lil brother was used to those knee pains.
He’s 6’5.


I just started going back to the gym. Run some layup drills and free throw drills.

33, 6’3", 278.2lbs (just replaced the batteries in my scale:lol:)

Usually down low, unless someone bigger is on the team…which happens.

Chronic white boy’s disease when it comes to ups. You won’t see me dunking in a game.

Swatting’s another story…are blocks still called swats? What’s the lingo these days.

Oh, and I’m one of those team players…rebounds, pick and rolls, dishes, hand claps for support.

Once I’m done with the drills, I shoot around. My knees are kind of achey, but if the Nature Boy can take back body drops into his 60’s, I shouldn’t worry…just need to be smarter, less reckless.