THE BATTLE LOUNGE 1000$ Bonus Pot for SF4 Results

1: Marn
2: FlashMetriod
3: Big5
4: Simplypheer
5: Pyrotron
5: Glitch
7: Artryu
7: Trent

1: Hugo Stiltz
2: Brandon
3: Character
4: Alex G
5: Artryu
5: Mystic

GGXX - Lol no entrants

Thank you all for coming to the Battle lounge and as we promised the bonus pot was given to Marn.

Marn 1st - 1336$
Flash 2nd - 96$
Big 5 3rd - 48$


Thanks for all the hospitality, it was one of the best tournaments I’ve been to.

Only because of the 24/7 massage service… Brr… Legit tournament, got cash after I won, good shit =).

thanks for coming down… and showing us how behind we are int eh SF scene, even tho I pulled that one off on you in the casuals =) imma brag about that one for a while, thanks for coming down

That shit was fucking horrible, worst tournament staff ever.
Atleast For Blazblue.
Last time i ever go to a tourny ran by them.

It wanst that bad. They admited it was not ran as smooth as they had planned but they did say they will learn from their mistakes and do better next time. I entered both tourneys and I had fun.:tup:

…It WAS that bad.
I’ve been to a lot of tournys and trust me…that shit was bad.
The funny thing is this isn’t the first time i’ve regretted going to their event.
So its my fault for not learning from MY mistake.

It was really fun. I mean I think I paid to much to just be there though. The parking was outrages x.x

and I think I’ll go as something else other than Hugo Stiglitz next time.

You…lol i got problems with you. We need to work on this bang of yours.
I wasn’t a fan of the tv their so i’d like to play you at ZP or somewhere DECENT.
Either way nice bang. good win.

Lol love to, Hopefuly where ever the decent place is, won’t rape my car.

But who were you btw?

Frost Diety man im sorry that hardly anyone showed up for blaze blue and you have to understand due to unfortunate circumstances we had to push the tourney forward one week loose staff and still make sure we had enough to cover the bonus pot since honestly not enough people came to cover it.

The V-13, i didn’t like the way some of those matches went lol, but you still won at the end of the day so good shit.

Yea my bad about early was pissed off about some other crap,
I understand dude. The fact that it got pushed forward did impact the turnout.
Until next time i guess.

Yo, don’t sweat it dude. We live and learn. It might have been better to maybe postpone it to a later date this year maybe…idk w/e

I thank you guys for trying your best, lack of effort wasn’t the problem ppl. I appreciate your efforts, and I’m sure ya’ll will make amends.

Marn, thanks for coming down, and thanks for the tidbits you shared with us, and for taking our money lol. Hopefully we could offer some better competition for you at a later date.

Next time Peter, next time :arazz:

BTW, will there be any vids? I’d like to see my matches in Top 8. Me vs Joe and me vs Marn. Just curious.