The Battle of CenCal: Post Evo SSF4: AE and MVC3 Tournament 9/4/11

Focus Attacks Gaming Lounge presents The Battle of Cencal:Post Evo hangover. SSF4:AE and MVC3 tournament

Focus Attacks a gaming lounge here to serve central California fighting scene is hosting a SSFIV AE and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

When: Sunday September 4 ,2011

Time: Registration and casuals start at 11am and closes at 12:30pm, tournament starts at 1pm

6368 Figarden Dr.
Fresno, CA. 93722

Its in the office building complexes behind the Ride and Shine Car Wash and the Ace Hardware store. The venue is located in the last office complex in the back.

-Our tournament will be on PS3 only

  • We have 6 Asus Monitor setups for the tournament (3 for AE and 3 for MVC3)
    -Please bring your own controller pad or stick.
    -We do not provide convertors for controllers. Please bring your own.
    -MVC will have DLC characters Jill and Shuma Gorath

Fee: $10 per game ($10 to the pot/ One time $5 fee to the venue)
Pot: 70/20/10 for each game

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
-99 seconds

  • 2/3 games, Winners/Losers/Grand Finals all 3/5 games
    -Double Elimination
    -Winners must keep same team and assists/assists order
    -Loser may change Team/Assists

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
-99 seconds
-2/3 rounds best 2/3 matches, Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3/5
-Double Elimination
-Winner must keep same character and ultra. Loser is allowed to change character and ultra.

Spectating is allowed but be advised that the venue is small and can get a little on the crowded side. But we encourage if you don’t play to come out and watch some great Street Fighter and Marvel play.

Brought to you by Power_of_Shamwow and XsK_Samurai. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on SRK.


E.C. shall be there…as always…

Will try my best to make it out to this

I cant wait for this!! Time to test how much I have imporved…

I’ll be thurrrrrrrr

I may come by and spectate, not quite sure I have enough money in the wallet to “donate” (since I’m a free win XD) since college is starting in two days! :slight_smile:


Updates: registration begins at 11am and ends at 12:30pm, PS3 only, $5 venue fee/$10 for each game thereafter, and we will not provide convertors (please bring your own).

I’m in and I hope you don’t mind but I just created a Facebook event to spread the word.

Also we ask no food inside the venue please

So wait, I have to 40 bucks to play 4 games?

No if you wanted to enter both the Marvel and AE tournament its $10 per game plus a one time $5 fee for the venue. So total to enter both tournaments is $25

nice job!! gonna try to bring a car or 2 of us from merced. we also have some upcoming tournamnets you can stay updated on all the most recent ones on our website
in case you dont run across my posts on shoryuken

sure ill go 0-2 free kthnx lol. jk ill try to make it.

you know i’m there. probably try to spread this everywhere i can on facebook and wherever. want this to be huge

Hey bro the Lodi crew will try to make it out. :rock: Also if you want to advertise with fliers or whatever at NDT feel free dude.

@Schmidtnurface - Yeah hope you guys make it down. I’ll just advertise by word, but thanks. :slight_smile:

whats NDT?

Norcal Downtown Throwdown, tournament this weekend its in Stockton