The Battle of CenCal: Post Evo SSF4: AE and MVC3 Tournament 9/4/11

oh haha just heard about that the other day somewhere else. i would go but stuck in town this weekend! some of the people in merced might be able to make it tho.

Less than a week, hope everyone is ready

starting a new spot in merced for casuals qcs computer store starting this wed if anyone wants to come get some practice before this tournament address is 1740 yosemite parkway merced ca. or text me 559-201-8050

Hey, I’m Nic Peterson, the owner of Showdown Tournaments here in San Luis Obispo. I’ll try and pull as many of the guys to Fresno for this one and I’ll do what I can to make it! We will get it posted up on TYM, and our own page as well.

Nevermind, it falls on the same day as La Rumba casuals in Santa Barbara. I will be there on business. But I will still be putting the word out as much as possible.

me and a friend of mine will be going. it’s been a while since the last tournament, unless i completely missed it.

Well I failed to get a baby sitter so our salty rematch is gunna have to wait Samurai.


Get Hype

today! get hyped

If anybody has trouble finding the venue text or call (559)313-9655

great tournament. Had a good time, met some cool ppl, got some exp, plan to come to wednesday nights since i need to lvl up lol

disappointed in my performance, hopefully there’s at least one more tourney before ultimate. also gonna start practicing AE again

Thanks to everyone who came out and played today. I thought the tournament was a success and had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone also that helped me make sure the tournament ran smoothly, much appreciated.

Here are the results for top 8

Super Street Fighter IV:Arcade Edition

1st: XsK_Samurai(Ryu, T. Hawk, Yun)
2nd: Cynistar(Akuma)
T-5th: Andrew(Sagat, Balrog)
T-5th:Kaiser(Sagat,Yun, Ryu)
T-7th: Sebastian Yang(Ryu)
T-7th: Leon(Blanka)

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st: XsK_Samurai(Mag/Storm/Sentinel)
2nd: Power_Of_Shamwow (Dorm/Tron/Phoenix)
3rd: Bobby (Mag/Wesker/Sentinel)
4th: Tasp(Wolve/Sent/Phoenix)
T-5th:Marcus (Wolve/Mag/Akuma)
T-5th:Blahguy (Dante/Wesker/Akuma)
T-7th: Dv8 (Spiderman/Storm/Wesker)
T-7th: Eraldo Coil(Wolve/Sent/Spencer, Hulk/Wolve/Sent)

The top 8 videos we recorded for each game will be posted online in the next day or two, Ill post the link on this thread so you can check it out. As far as the next tournament, nothing is set in stone yet as we are still working out details but I will keep you posted.

Had lots of fun at this tourney. Great turn out and hopefully there will be another one before UMVC3 comes out so i can practice my mag execution before it gets nerf hardcore.

ggs to everyone, including the guys from merced and that one guy from Lodi =)

lol thanks man :slight_smile: yeah we plan hit up fresno scene whenever we have a chance to help improve our game since merced is only like…40 mins from you guys. ggs fresno and lodi.

Good games everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. Thank you for showing up! :slight_smile:

8 of us from merced came 2 of us placed and all of us had a good time! keep us posted on what days the casuals will be on so we can attend atleast once a month

nice spiderman team havent had a chance to play one before