The Baz Matchup Thread



Sweet fucking lord, why?!


I haven’t played him yet, since the changes. How bad is it?


Its not. I was barely aware of it last night. I realized I lost my meter after a KF but I thought it was a weird thing and not a change and still played fine.

Don’t rely on Kick Factor; use Shocker and try to find a use for Mighty Swing.

=> The only situation I’ve found Mighty Swing useful is when you and your opponent are in close proximity and jump at around the same time and don’t kick on your way up. You can use Mighty Swing and catch them on their kick (because you float for a second). Anybody else have a decent MS tactic?


If you think you’ll catch your opponent off guard you can Mighty Swing after a Mighty Swing. That qualifies more as a gimmick/troll though, not really a consistent use.


Mighty Swing is garbage. It’s too slow to ever catch a mindful opponent off-guard.

For S-Kill, your only course of action is to try to cross-over kick him as he lands. Trying to cross him under often gets you killed because he can time his teleports to just avoid you then kick you.

Once he has enough meter to do his Trick, look at nothing but his meter until he uses Trick, and STAY ON THE GROUND. As soon as the meter goes down, smash Shocker as fast as you can. If you’re fast enough, this will kill S-Kill immediately. This essentially doesn’t work online because latency makes you lose a frame or two, which is all you need to lose for this technique to not work.


I don’t get why people are having such trouble with Redacted and Marn, though. They’re amongst my easiest match-ups because they’re so easy to intercept.


Can’t Redacted react quickly enough to seeing your angle change (not just building meter anymore but going forward) with a dive->kick and catch you? This obviously depends a lot on spacing and both players’ timing, just curious as to why they’re such easy matchups for you.

Also will Shocker hit S-Kill’s trick if he doesn’t kick afterwards?

  1. They’re easier characters to hit with Shocker and Mighty Swing (maybe the only two characters Mighty Swing is worth a damn on). They’re also easier to cross over because their kicks angles makes them wary of getting hit before they can hit you.
  2. It SHOULD kill S-Kill because he is in range of the lightning bolt and will likely fall on Baz anyway. In most case, though, he just ends up kicking anyway, since pretty much every S-Kill mashes kick after Trick.


Let me clarify that a bit. S-Kill can activate Trick during the startup of his second jump. If he does that, his second jump is used up and he automatically kicks can mash kick after Trick. He can also activate it raw after his first jump. This preserves his second teleport for after he’s used Trick and allows him to move before kicking. The downside is you have to hit dive and kick on the same frame cause you can kara Trick from a dive/kick. If the Shocker’s lightning bolt misses if done on reaction to Trick this matchup will get a lot worse for Baz because S-Kill isn’t always locked into a kick after Trick.


I suppose you then need to keep in mind whether your opponent likes to mash Kick or not after Trick.

I’ll also add: a good trick when fighting against Redacted and Marn is to let go of Kick before you think you should. This keeps your kicks steeper and gives the opponent less real estate to intercept you.


You also need to see if they used their second jump or not. If he hasn’t S-Kill has access to his aerial movement options after Trick. Maybe not a big deal against Baz if Shocker hits him anyway.


I feel like Shocker would hit him anyway because there’s start-up frames to each of S-Kill’s teleports. I haven’t tested it myself, though. This is all from playing S-Kills, and I’ve never met an S-Kill who didn’t take his Trick as an opportunity for a kill, especially against Baz. Even when you’re not playing online, Shocker is still not a completely reliable solution because you just might not be fast enough.