The BBC's Sherlock

I just finished watching the first episode of the BBC’s Sherlock, a series of three 90 minute episodes. The premise is pretty much just Sherlock Holmes in modern times. Its created by the two of the Writer from the last Doctor Who series, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. It’s really good i was impressed. The guy they got for Sherlock is really really good.

BBC has good shit. Merlin, bam!

Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely brilliant. They did a really fantastic job of adapting a classic setting to a current one.

Has there ever been a Sherlock Holmes that wasn’t set in modern times? I own one series from the 50’s that was set in the original time period but everything else I’ve seen has had Sherlock Holmes riding in cars lol.

The Robert Downey Jr. Movie was set in the correct time.

And was a quite good character driven piece.

As I see it.

Yes it was very good. I enjoyed it a lot.

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The show is great though, and I’m glad they’re doing a second season, although it’s like 8-10 months away. I know PBS in the US recently aired the first season, although it was under the “Masterpiece Mystery!” title banner, so if you still haven’t seen it you might find reruns on your local PBS station. I only wish I knew more about the actual source material and read the original books. Hopefully, I’ll get around to that sometime.

I’ve seen two episodes, dude that plays Sherlock creeps me out. Although I like for as insanely brillant they make him, he will occasionally get shit wrong to hilarious results.

The Sherlock Holmes movie (Guy Ritchie’s) was amazing. There had damn well better be a sequel.

I’ll probably watch this, as I like almost everything on BBC. It’s got good stuff.

If you like Doctor Who and Mentalist / Psych type shows, you need to check this out. First episode is excellent and sets up the characters in the modern day setting quite well. Second episode was trash - cliche Triad storyline you’ll see on any American cop show. Third episode was good, but had a great cliffhanger ending :sad:.