The Beast and The Machine

I know its a little late but im still feeling the EVO jitters.

My favorite moment had to of been when Poonkgo dominated Daigo. Its not that i don’t respect Daigo in fact he is still one of my favorite SF players of all time.

I just remember a article Ryan Hart wrote awhile back before AE came out. He talked about how Daigo would sit down and evryone would leave, that and if you had any chance of beating Daigo you had to take a almost “Stupid risk.”

Then a saw Poonkgo on the Shadaloo showdown stage and how many risk the guy was taking, some of them were such a gambal that i would go as far as to say they were dumb.

So it wasnt really the blow up that i really loved i guess, but more like the counterpick of Daigo, after watching him for such a long time and finally a player comes a long that is literally the opposite of him in every way and beats him. That was just amazing to me.

So my favorite EVO moment has got to be the discovery of the “Gambal King” “The Machine.” Poonkgo :] anyone else have any thoughts?

Why is this in GD?