The Beast From the East - the KoFXII Shen Woo thread -

Given the chance, I had to jump on this. One of my favorite characters and designs to come out of SNK, Shen Woo is back and looking as strong as ever. Ive had some hands on time with the game, so i can write up a nicely detailed first post, so here goes.
Official website page of Shen.

A - a simple jab
B - Shen kicks his leg forward. Comes out quick and has great range.
fwd B - Shen’s door buster kick, can cancel into it from Neutral C.
Neutral/Back C - Shen punches the opponent in the gut, cancellable into fwd B. This move also starts his Critical Combo.
fwd C - Shen punches forward.
D - a knee bash, cancellable into fwd B.
CD - a shoulder tackle, moves Shen forward pretty far.

cr. A - a simple crouch jab, can combo into qcf B
cr. B - a low kick
cr. C - Shen raises his fist into the air REALLY hard, has a lot of recovery but i didnt notice any autoguard. CD cancellable.
cr. D - good range sweep, can cancel into specials.

jump A -
jump B -
jump C - a jumping punch, didnt use this as much as jump D
jump D - a good angled kick for jumping in.
jump CD - i forgot he had this lol…

Special Moves List:
QCF A - Short rush punch. Safe on block.
QCF C - Long range punch, hold to charge for guard breaker, cancel with D while charging. Has some start up, but safe on block.
QCB A - overhead, moves forward
–QCF A - follow up to overhead that knocks down
QCF B/D - Uppercut, very short range, and not safe on block. Combos after a dash punch if opponent is airborne (for example, see combo section)
HCB, F C - command grab, can combo into, and can follow up with qcf B/D in corner (need confirmation)

qcf x 2 A/C - dash punch super (goes through projectiles, so invincible frames at least while Shen is mid dash)
C-A-B-C : Explosion super

cr. B, cr. A, qcf B
(j. D) C, fwd B, qcf A (or super)
(j. D) C, CD, qcf A/ C(?)(or super)
(j. D) D, hcb f C

in corner
(j.D) C, CD, qcf B, qcf A
(j. D) C, CD, qcf A, qcf B, qcf B

Critical Combo
You can get about 5-6 standing C’s in before you have to do an actual combo. Until the most damaging one is found out, ill just leave it at that haha.

Shanghai’s god of war, are you man enough to play this character??

Second Post for Shen Vids

Official short combo video

Shen no longer has projectile reflector, they recycled the animation and used it for his command throw instead.

What’s this about f+B only linking off neutral/back + C…? I thought it chained off standing D too. I think standing D is a better choice for combos because it actually has more range than neutral/back C. Of course you need standing C for Critical Counter tho…

Last time I played I was able to get the qcf+D to work after qcf+C. I’m still not 100% sure of the timing, I think it has to be done when Shen is spinning around after the qcf+C hits. Still haven’t gotten a qcf+D to combo after the hcb, f+C command throw though, probably because I never get to land it since it’s horrible.

Oh, I put the fwd B chaining off stand D in the other thread, thats why it skipped my mind. And to be honest, i never tried the projectile reflector so i guess thats a good thing. Good eye.

Really, I figure putting neutral/back C or D in a combo is up to the person playing, whatever they feel more comfortable with imo. Im wondering how the inputs work though, because when i tried to do fwd B after D, while holding forward before D, i hardly ever got f+B to come out, but when L.I Joe did it from n/b + C it came out everytime. Something i want to test out.

And about command grab, the only useful thing is that its unblockable, but midscreen, its probably better to go for a regular throw, because itll be about the same damage wise.

His throw made me smile though, since it instantly reminded me of SF4 Boxer.

mod needs to make separate sub sections for chars. wouldn’t ya say

It will happened once the game is released on consoles. Any character specific threads will be moved from here in time.

Yeah, i can at least make threads for terry, ralf, daimon, clark and raiden, so hopefully some of you portland guys can make some threads to compile info so we can get people started on the right foot when they first try the game. I just dont want to look like im spamming threads by doing so many characters at once haha.

That sucks because him pimp slapping projectiles away was badass but I guess its not really necessary given the fact that the current game system lets to stop projectiles anyway.

Wow, that’s a blow. It was so fun to be able to completely deflect stuff like King’s LDM, like something outta DBZ.

Might not be so bad since most of the fireballs in the game seem to suck anyway.

nah, ash’s fireballs are annoying as hell, second to him Id say are Robert’s, both because they are midair and arent as telegraphed as Athena’s.

Imo, I think Shen’s D will be his best move to clash with projectiles, since itll come out while your holding forward, such as when your running, then cancel into a run, plus it looks to have a good size hitbox.

Oh sure, make threads for most of the characters I already play :rofl: j/k, I don’t really care who starts them. I guess I’ll make ones for Andy and Robert at least. I thought it might be overkill making all these threads for every specific character, but now that we have a sub-forum there’s not much problem with doing that stuff. Plus it’ll keep the main thread less cluttered and less people asking about character stuff that’s already been posted.

Please Name the Terry section

Are you Ok?-The KoFXII Terry Bogard Thread


Didn’t get to see both Ash and Robert make fireball traps in many vids, so my bad. I was thinking they were terrible because they weren’t using them. Usually when I use Ash, I go into Guile mode myself for half the round.

That’s true and eventually we’ll have individual character sections when the game finally comes out. (Like in Keits stickie)

:rofl: Perfect name for the thread.

If we get Mai we should call that one the “Me Bouncy!- The KOFXII Mai Shiranui Thread”


oh nice, the guy managed to get the qcf+K followup to work after command throw. Looks like it has to be done almost immediately after the command throw hits.

yeah, i was about to link that, and you also get a reset MIDSCREEN, thats really good. Plus the damage was very good for a non-corner combo. He also does the follow up after a blocked Dash Punch. Looks like he used qcf-B too.

Wow, I didn’t know he had a command grab but now I see just how useful it is.

I like jump D alot. Pretty good for crossups and jumping away D is a great air to air. Jumping CD is very strong too.

Another thing I’d like to add is the standing back+CD is pretty good too. If they tried to mix me up I’ve anti aired with it and I’ve also used it to punish crossups. I’m going to say that crouching C serves the same purpose.

[media=youtube]UHVwcD-t1ok&feature=channel_page[/media] at 2:04… How do you do the cancel?

Nevermind… Just do B+D.

Just decided to pick this game up my team so far is Shen Woo/Terry/Kim or Joe. Good, bad, horrible?

Shen/Terry/Joe is a pretty strong set of characters.

Shen f+C and D are pretty beastly.

I’m gonna work on some combos with him tomorrow. I miss his headbutt DM from XI.