The Beast Has Fallen

You are never suppose to idolize anyone, and i’m not, but I’ve created my Yun off the Beast Daigo Umehara.
The man has fallen, don’t know how to feel about this year evo lol. Kinda a party pooper because i wanted Daigo to win again.
Im not Japanese but, i pull for the streak.

Tokido-Tha MurdaFace
Daigo-The Beast
Poongko-The Machine

Have all Fallen to

The newly known
Latif-The Killer

Daigo Umehara’s Streak

Akuma main/Yun alt. Sucks watching both players go down but that was some solid solid solid viper play from Latif so he deserves it.

Daigo will most likely go back and learn the unknown matchups now. He got blown up pretty hard by Seth, it wasn’t as bad with viper. But his Yun didn’t look as solid as his Ryu. On top of that there is a rebalance coming so he might switch mains again. Who knows.

So it goes


As top 5.

Come on dude, re-read your post.

In a years time if you read it again you’ll wonder why you even posted it. It’s silly.

I’m a big fan of Daigo, but I’m glad he lost; its what he gets for tier whoring and going with Yun instead of sticking with Ryu, who has done so well for him for so long.

The sad part is that I actually think Daigo’s Ryu could have beaten anyone in the top 8 tonight…

I actually agree with Suplex! His Yun looked so lost.

i dont really like daigo’s yun. its very good, and he is still beastly, but something is missing

i dont think yun suits his best player attribute. which is to read his opponent and adjust on the fly. things happen too fast with yun for him to really use that strength to its full potential IMO

What are you guys on about man, Daigo is a downright beast, he just didn’t seem right today. I’m not dickriding him or anything but either UltraDavid or Seth K said that he wasn’t feeling too well when he came down here and if that was the case, it certainly showed. He was dropping links here and there and doing a lot of random upkicks, look at his Yun from a few tournaments back in the USA and it was MUCH stronger than the one he showed at EVO today, anyway, taking nothing away from Latif, guy put on a great showing. And before any of you say, no, I’m not dickriding Daigo, Japan or your mum. I didn’t even want Daigo to win, Poongko all the way.

People need to realise Daigo is a normal player and isn’t some sort of Zeus who will strike down his opponents with one hit. The guys human, he still got Top 8!
“Oh my god Daigo is so shit, he only got 4th at EVO, what a scrub”

And The Daigo Gossip Begans. Oh Wait…

latif looked pretty lost in grand finals.

or so I heard.

Shoulda went with Ryu, not that I’m complaining about Latif taming him. :tup:

I don’t think anyone was playing at their best today after playing so much nearly non-stop for 3 days straight. I didn’t find most of todays matches as exciting as I did matches from 2 days ago. But,the outcomes were what was hype. But,you could just tell that everyone was worn out. Even James Chen mentioned it.

Alas. I raise my glass to the underdogs that are now our new kings of EVO!

how is fuudo an underdog…

Did you go into this tournament thinking “I bet Fuudo bodies everyone he runs into and wins one of the biggest tournaments ever”?

Not everyone had even heard of the guy before. They sure as hell have now. If you knew who he was prior then cool.

What I think was interesting was that, unlike everyone’s predictions, not a single Yun made top 3. Although, yes, many came close. Still. Funny how all of the sudden there is talk in the tier thread about Viper needing nerfs…BUT! I don’t want to start this war all over again.

It was very fun to watch this year. I’m really hoping that next year I’m in a financial position to be able to go to EVO. I’ll be done with college by then…so who knows? :slight_smile:

So many wake up upkicks


That reaction always happens and it makes me laugh everytime.

Dude was like XBL Yun. Poongko made him look like he never even played the game before. DAIGO PERFECTED, 0-4, GGPO, SON!

Definitely my favorite EVO moment in a huge pool of them.

like ive been saying, yun doesn’t need a nerf. Capcom just listens to the QQ 5 year olds and nerfs character.
im sure there gonna say nerf seth, Viper
same with yun. but they don’t listen to the actually good players. just Crying bad ones
what can you do?

Daigo wouldn’t have won with Ryu, even if it were vanilla Ryu, not with all the Fei’s around.