The beast has once fallen again



As of of you might know, daigo has been on losing streaks this period. He lost to xians gen in sea 2012 and got a sad 7th place in ceo and is bodied by players that he used to be able to defeat. What do you think of the chances of daigo getting champion in evo with ryu?


Well after playing UMVC3 long enough it most likely comes down to…Ryu is just not cheap enough anymore. Solid character but the best of the best just aren’t really phased by the character or Daigo’s play style anymore.



  1. Is there no option for “Daigo doesn’t win but enters Top4”
  2. Is it possible to vote for both options at the same time


I am sure at one point in many peoples minds that daigo was seen as this unbeatable sf master thats wins everything no matter what. Part of the reason the guy does a lot of winning is not just because he is fantastic player it is also because he has a intimidating presence and resume of tournament wins. For many people i am sure that saw Evo 2011 the presence was kind of shattered and gave some of his opponents a wee bit more confidence when facing him knowing that just like themselves daigo can make mistakes(very few but still he does make them from time to time.)

Also what deviljin said ryu is not nearly as powerful in a more fleshed out sf4 metagame. Where knockdown bullshit and characters that ignore the stunted walk speeds and overall movement with bullshit like dive kicks and superjumps reign supreme. Not even daigo with his obviously brilliant tactical mind can avoid all of that.


My friend and I were having this exact conversation earlier today. Ryu is solid, but that’s all he is. No crazy mixups or resets. You need that stuff now. Solid isn’t enough.


You guys are hilarious, Daigo comes in 2nd in SCEA and comes in 7th in CEO two huge tournaments in an environment that he rarely plays much and have little idea how his opponent plays (he flies in plays and flies out) he is still solid in my opinion looking at the amount of people that got in CEO. Sheesh people win some and lose some that is life and losing a couple of set doesn’t mean bodied. i am no Daigo fan boy but it bewilders me how people stalk the guy in SSF4AE and whatever he does. pls cut him some fucking slack, As for Ryu, yes he is basic and solid and balanced, he can still win any Major Tournament out there. Any character can win for that matter.


Really? Because I saw Daigo’s Ryu dominate the first three rounds against Justin Wong and still forced Wong to grind it out for a victory in the end. Daigo got fooled by some dive kick cross ups in the corner and lost. Daigo’s Ryu was even mixing up Ricky’s Rufus with frametraps and Shoryuken tricks. But in the end lost in a tough game as well.


Justin is godlike, smd




I’m only gonna chime in and say a couple of those shoryu’s were rather questionable

Like, any average player would’ve seen them and go lolwut