The beast is unleashed?

I’ve found a few examples of the “beast” being unleashed in tournaments:

Now, does this occur because all the conditions are just right? Like the planets aligned and the player was just able to pull that out of nowhere (especially in the crazy Urien parrying video). You hear a lot about players actually playing worse in tournaments due to the stress level, but it seems like they were on top of their game. I’ve always wondered if it was just immense skill that allowed them to play like that, or if they just entered “the zone” at that point and couldn’t be stopped. I also only typically find this from Japanese players (not to take anything away from Americans, but it seems these videos solely happen at SBO or Japan ranbats.)

that looked like rx being rx and doing what rx does at all times. with a side of match fucking up. and all maeda did was the keeper jin combo wasn’t really any unleashing of beasting.


Well even though keeper Jin is simple in theory, it still requires some execution. Granted practice makes execution easier as time goes on, but you still notice people whiffing things in tournaments and getting punished for it, so I’m surprised when I see ridiculous plays like that Urien teching everything. I dunno figure people could offer some insights on the tournament atmosphere and what causes these moments.

basically its hard to explain…its a situation that you would have to be in to rly find out the atmosphere and how its caused…like during the daigo parry i was never there…but even from what ppl tell me its hard to imagine the hype of everything for a moment like that…but hey thats just me

pyrolee vs afm at gvision ranbat. they call him america’s umehara.

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that was visually awesome

It just comes down to the Japanese getting a large head start in the US over taking the game seriously and they still take it real seriously today. They know the game inside and out and know how to work in those pressure moments. The game is so spelled out to them now and we’re just sitting here still wondering why it’s so random. :lol:

Like with Daigo vs. J.Wong…the only person that didn’t go absolutely nuts as that was happening (or LONG after it happened) was Daigo. I’m sure the fact that what he was gonna do would make him that popular didn’t even cross his mind. It was just another day for him. Yet today he is known as probably one of the first competitive fighting game players (I guess other than Tokido) that single handedly made people in the US and across the world want to play 3rd Strike. Of course both times at the expense of J.Wong cuz it’s always fun to see him die.

He silently said “anything is possible” during that fight and people hopped on like it was Moses calling them. Daigo doesn’t really put his personality into his fights. The most personality I’ve seen out of Daigo is during his interviews or when he’s sleeping on a table during off time at Evo. The one year I saw him at Evo 2k6 he was very humble and just seemed like one of those guys that only put his energy into the game when it was time to play. He just plays the game and uses the numbers when he sees fit.

yo RX parrying that akuma shit was divine! I find it more impressive then the daigo jwong parry.

I think Rx’s parry was muchy more difficut, the prediction, and the difficulty of instantly swicthing parrying speed 3 times shit

what makes you think it was rx?

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I love Sugiyama’s Necro :lovin:

Im curious to see if there will be as much of a gap with SF4. Something tells me that it won’t because there is so much attention being given to it here in the States (and outside Japan), but you never know.

Well it really depends on how seriously the Japanese take it and how seriously we take it. Basically…the better head start we have the better we’ll be in the long run. It’ll still be pretty uphill just because their fighting game scene is simply better and as long as the game is popular they’re going to take it seriously and learn things quicky.

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it happened at “Battle of Destiny”, a UK fighting games tournament yesterday.