The Beast is UNLEASHED!

Holy shit.

i found myself on the video~

If you don’t go to EVO, those are the sort of things you miss out on. Everyone remembers where they were when OJ was being chased… and everyone remembers where they were when they saw the BEAST come alive.

EVO2005… you have no excuse to not go!

i will be attending evo every year cuz of shit like this, i was way in the back where the tvs were, and shit i was going insane, YOU FUCKING HAD TO BE THERE to appreciate this vid to its fulliest, the ground was shaking for fucks sake, and people were running in the doors wondering wtf had just happened.

lmfao at the vid, as the super is being parried, just look at justin, mashing like hes going to stop him, scared shitless lol.

memories ill never forget…time to save up for next year…see ya’ll there…i gaurentee it.

oh shit!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Throw em a cage!!!

I will have Daigo’s manbabies just because of that video.

I’d kill to relive that moment, live. Being there was just too good. The audience was so loud it was deafening. God damn.


Moments like these make Evolution special, and are what keeps the fighting game scene alive. You just had to be there to feel the whole community come together, even if it’s at the expense of our own players. We still got nothing but respect for them though.

Thanks to tragic for making the vid, as well as to the Cannons and the SRK staff + others I forgot to mention for making Evolution happen.

damn it you guys made me nut my pants AGAIN!


BTW, who was narrating the action?

Haha that was hilarious, Justin was just frozen and Daigo didn’t even move. I wonder what da Beast was thinking…“Damn I just OWNED his ass” :stuck_out_tongue:

Daigo just sold about 5000 extra Evo 2k4 DVDs and 10,000 copies of PS2 3rd Strike

Good shit SRK, look forward to Evo 2K5

RE: my freak out- I get excited about games because I think they are awesome, and that we are awesome. I am not sorry. I do not apologize. Get into it.


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
daaaaaaaaamn !! that’s too fucking sick for words !!

poor Jwong, he has always been in those crazy evolution highlights where he gets beasted on :eek:

This moment alone was worth more than the $30 fee.

Evo 2K2 - Tokido vs JWong – Beasted

Evo 2K3 - Soo vs JWong – Beasted

Evo 2K4 - Daigo vs Jwong – Beasted

It’s fun to give Wong shit, but he’s still a great player, not the most exciting to watch, but great

That’s incredible. I’m seriously disappointed that I didn’t go to EVO this year…I had absolutely no reason to not to go. I guess I was kinda busy a week or so ago, but now that I’m back home for the summer, that is not the case. I’ve learned my lesson though; I will DEFINITELY be attending every EVO from now on. That video nearly moved me to tears…God, the excitement! I can just imagine how it would have been in person. Such a great community!!

My jaw hit the ground first time I saw this shit…

I still can’t believe it…

Too fucking powerful.

Holy crap. That is definately going down in fighting game history.

I would now like to state my doubt over the claim made by s-kill in a domination 101 article that “the japanese are not gods”.


after hearing all the stories for the past few years and seeing this video… you are right. there is no reason not to go next summer. evo 2k5 here i come…