The Beast is UNLEASHED!

hey, are there still daigo vids (b-izm videos) from last years evo2003 available in this forum that are downloable?

i can’t find them through the search engine.

i saw that first hand…me and my friends were sitting up front on the floor. Was talking on the phone, i literally dropped my phone on the ground and before i knew it i was standing cheering with the croud. Literally EVERYONE stood up, the whole room was shaking… man that def made my EVO trip

Fuckin amazing, like he didnt even to parry that final hit, he just did it for the reaction. Still awesome though, the only comback that comes close to that is the Ken/Hugo vid from a while ago.

Awesome shit. Cant wait for the DVD.

well if they ain’t, at least they can make their gods come down and beast JW!

Holy. Frickin. Crap. Man, I am SO going to Evo 2k5. I want to soooo bad now, that was just pure ownage. Where will the DVD be sold? And how much (shipping included) will it cost? Also, where exactly does Evo take place? Knowing that might help if I plan on going next year.

no, its best to jump and parry the last hit, so you can start the combo out with a jump attack for a more damaging combo, and daigo needed that extra damage to finish off justins lifebar. it wasnt for show, it was neccessary

i just thought if daigo didnt parry the few hits he would of died from chip damage

very impressive!


Ive never been in any evo tournaments before but with shit like this happening im gonna save my lunch money for the rest of the year and im gonna put a picture of God Daigo in my room with lots of candles surrounding it, (lol just kiddin…) but seriously theres no way im missing evo 2k5.

omg why cant the smegging uk have tournies like this!

Will have to see if plane tickets aren’t too outrageous to get over to that place :]

That voice over guy was great at the end of the video he reminds me of the Howard Dean speech :stuck_out_tongue: