The Beast of CT

Ok to make a brief intro since I’m new. If I wasn’t suppose to post here please let me know and if there is a mod then you can’t just take this thread away.

I’m from New York and yes I’m also a fighting gamer hardcore KOF fan, GGXX AC player, CVS2 and SVC. The names Frank I go by the name Nokutan as obvious that my screen name I have up now. I look at fighting games as a fun desire and great competition. If I’m new to a game. PLEASE don’t take me lightly, I learn good that way and it brings me enjoyment. I hope we meet in CF and in other events. Till then latrz.

You moved to CT? If not then what’s the deal with your thread title?


I’ve been there all my life… What’s with the rediculous question… /:expressionless: . Something you unsure from my wirting?.. mmph? If there is please feel free to express yourself, otherwise I don’t usually answer so rediculous questions like that.

they are asking because they want to know why someone who has a location of NY is posting that they are the beast of CT and if so are you a regular? Not outrageous at all, its like me posting in the Virginia thread and posting that im the beast of VA.

( ^_^) oh oh oh oh… Ok I know what you mean. Yes of course but it wouldn’t make sense to just put chinatown. People not from new york would have another the idea that the person is from China. You get what I mean. Not all people that is from Ny or not only that people that is not from Ny don’t know about chinatown. Also I’m new to this fourm. I was told about this awhile ago from the time of Anime Festival at the Javits Center but just been busy. Also yes, I’m a regular around there. I mostly play SVC 2, Aranca Hearts 2(for the time trying to see what new characters I’m good with for the moment), GGXX AC, I play third strike, but I’m too used to the console system. I may take awhile to adjust to the arcades again :expressionless:

Thanks for uh, trying to clear this up Josh. :wonder:

ok, so are you saying that your the King of China Town?

ok ok lol… Please don’t misunderstand any further. I’ll clear this up for everyone so at least there won’t be anymore confusion. My nickname is Nokutan Kademono in english Nocturnal Beast. Now I just put the title of the Beast of CT because of my nickname and I’m from CT. NO :rolleyes:… I’m not king of what ever you think because of just a certain title I put up. I guess people may take what I say or wirte to an over exaggeration. It’s likely to happen and it nothing new to me. Let me know if you understand now :.

Ohhh I gotcha now man!

So your from CT, nice, me to but opposite from you. I am origianly from Brooklyn but moved to CT as you aer from CT and moved to NY.
So where in CT were you from?

I’m around Bowery… But since I’ve been back and forth in two schools. One in the bronx and one in manhattan. I’m hardly seen around there by my friends since they ask where have I been when I see them in school. Besides that, most of my time is mostly spent on martial arts, schooling and studying… not to mention volunteer work with two clubs in my school.

I’m not going to pass around there this weekend because I’m going to Naiagra Falls for a leardership program for the weekend. Probably pass by there around next weekend.

ok, so where in CT were you from?

Martial arts huh? And your Japanese? Do you train in a Japanese art?

I just said it already Bowery. You know the street. I’m not gonna leak my address out to some unknown people like that. Not at the park by Pace going down alittle further where people concider it to be ghetto (for some odd reason). Yes second generation japanese from my mother’s side and my grandmother is full japanese. My grandmother married a spanish man as it was the same with my mother. So I’m only one-third japanese and three-fourths puerto rican. Some what japanese art but most of my styles vary. To be specific. I studied Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Kung fu, minor amount of Karate, I know about Shotokan, Bushido, Kendo, and Kenpo. I took the time to read about Bushido, Kendo, Kenpo and Shotokan, along with other styles and weapons but not only just Japanese Art other traditional arts from other martial arts from other countries. I’m pretty literate on books and that’s what I’ve done when I was 13 years old when I was in a group home. I leave personal issues behind as of this point.

Now I truly understand where the confusion is from. … You see by writing “CT” we are assuming you meant Connecticut as that is the proper abreviation. But obviousley you mean “CT” to equal “China Town”. Brilliant! :looney:

ok so, Id say welcome to China town but Im from CT.


baahaha. oh oh oh oh. That’s why you were confused. Man I didn’t notice that man. I’m sorry I got you like that lmao. Ok ok yeah I guess I’ll just say chinatown next time instead of CT. lmao, ah man. But chinatown is one word as it is but sure thing. I’ll steer away from that part. It’s nice to meet you too. Thank you for trying to bring a warm welcome too.

Edit: Also not just only chinatown people use the abbreviation. There is an Arcade in Chinatown that we just call it “CF”… Chinatown Fair. Makes it easy for us to say instead of just going with the whole word. People have their own way in saying it too.

Just for the record, this thread is utterly ridiculous. :shake:

And the charade has ended…lol

Btw, another welcome to SRK.

Easily the most confusing series of posts I have ever read. Ever.

Every puzzle has an answer.

Nestor is stalking me. Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppp.