The Beatdown in Waretown (8/7/10 Barnegat, NJ SSF4, BBCS. MBAA, GGAC, and MORE!)


Events in Jersey always seem to happen either in the very South or very North, about time Central Jersey got a Tourney of it’s own.

When? August 7th, Sign ups start at 11am, tournament goes from noon-9 pm

Where? Ocean Township Community Center
239 11th Street Barnegat, NJ 08005

What’s being played?
Venue Fee is $10, entry into Blazblue, SSF4, and Melty is $10 (Gear and The Wheel of Bad games are $5), with the pot divided 70/20/10.

With small exception, all of the Tournaments will be run as follows:
Double Elimination
2/3 rounds
2/3 matches
99 seconds
Winner keeps character
Winners/Losers/Grand finals are 3/5 matches

Super Street Fighter 4
Winner keeps character but may change ultra

Blazblue Continuum Shift
All Unlimited characters are banned

Guilty Gear Accent Core
If played on Accent core plus, Justice and Kliff are banned
otherwise, all ex, black, gold, gg, and ggx characters are banned

Melty Blood Actress Again
Archetype: Earth is Banned
Winner must keep character but can change moon-phase.

The Wheel of Bad Games
The Game played in each set is determined by a randomizer, rules for each game will be available at venue or upon request, but in general the games will be run in 2/3 rounds, 99 seconds.
After the match the game is removed from the wheel.
Every player starts with one objection, after a game is picked on the randomizer, if a player chooses they may object to it, the game is removed from the wheel and a new game is randomly selected.
When sent to the losers bracket, a player is given a second Objection
for the Winner’s, Losers, and Grand Finals, a new game is picked every MATCH, and is set to 3/5 matches.
A list of games will be available as soon as possible, and any requests for the wheel will be added if possible.


Pre-reg me for MBAA.

Man, what a coincidence. I grew up in this area, and now there’s a tournament in town!? Trust me guys, this is a good part of NJ and there won’t be any hassle in getting there. I reccommend everyone who can come out to this does so. If you have the extra money it should be great training before Summer Jam!


I can’t believe I forgot to ask about setups…but sure, if anyone coming is willing to bring any TVs, consoles, or games, you have my thanks.

Also, a small sample of some of the games you might have to play if you enter the Wheel of Bad Games!

Akatsuki Blitzkampf - The fabled Jewpuncher! one of the best, “old school” style fighters ever made. Parries, zoning, and footies are key in a game with a giant skull headed tank as a playable character…

Arm Joe - Les Misarabe the fighting game…yep

Battle K-Road - a unique “realistic” 2d fighter with NO oki. That’s right, any knockdowns automatically place both players back in their starting positions. Cast includes a terminator ripoff and 2 sumo wrestlers.

Bloodstorm - Legless Victory!

Chaos Breaker - Technically called Dark Awake, the arcade only fantasy KOF finally comes to consoles…will the 6 year wait be worth it?

Dong Dong Never Die - Chinese digitized sprite game with a chain smoking transformers fan guile-clone…need I say more? Ok…Mario’s in it…yes THAT Mario.

Dragon Master - Long before arakune, this game gave us characters with lows they can do in the air. Made famous by whodat’s “Team Best From Now” Reviews on youtube

Fatal Fury 3 - you thought Isuka’s 2 planes was bad? Try 3! At least there’s no turn around button…

Fate Unlimited Codes -JUST in case Marlin shows up…

Galaxy Fight - The only 2d Fighter I know of with no walls, let one hit endless runaway reign supreme!

Gleam of Force - Unique looking AND playing loli-boxing game where dodging and weaving replace jumping and pissed off softball pitchers fight nazi cheerleaders.

Golden Axe: The Duel - Ever wanted to beat up Tyris Flare with one of Death Adder’s nameless Grunts? Now’s your chance!

Guilty Gear XX AC+ (ex characters only) - You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension of reinvented guilty gear characters and bridget having a command grab super. Where Ky plays like Sol and vice versa, and for fun I’m throwing Justice and Kliff into the mix! You are about to enter…the EX ZONE!

Hokuto no Ken: YOU-A SHOCK! Let’s see some Fatal KOs out there!

Hyper Street Fighter Alpha - special game only available in the street fighter alpha anthology, you can play as every version of every alpha character…ever wanted to see how alpha 2 zangief fares against alpha 2 gold zangief? Rainbow Mika vs. alpha 1 birdie? Anyone?

Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire - A REALLY fun Digitized fighter with three versions of Jackie chan, a man wearing a Chinese Lion costume, and a man that turns into a buzzsaw…expect pounces, dash cancels, 30 second rounds, and DOUBLE DUTCH! Just don’t jump…

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (Petshop only) - Battle as the most broken character in all fighting games (don’t worry the normal game is also on the wheel)

King of Fighters '98 - not THAT kof98 (though both that and UM will be there too) this is a pirated genesis game featuring classic snk characters such as Evil Terry, Cammy, and Evil Cammy!

Primal Rage - As far as I know STILL the only fighting game with “hold 2 buttons then use stick motions” to perform special moves, a “anti cheese” feature, and King Kong playing Sub-Zero.

SHAQ-FU - Even amongst bad games this title stands alone…Unleash the BEAST!

Sonic The Fighters - It has a duck that likes to blow people up, can’t be all bad.

Top Fighter 2000 mk viii - The dream match we have all been waiting for…ALI VS. JORDON! Another Chinese Pirated game…also featuring Goku, Cyclops, and Geese Howard!

Twinklestar Sprites - I never said every game on the wheel was a fighter…better practice on your shump skills

Virtua Fighter II - …it’s the genesis version

This is just a taste of things to come…expect altered versions of games you play, unknowns worth actually playing, the best(and worst) of the worst, and games bootleg or otherwise you never knew existed!


<will be there.


What system is ssf4 on?