The Beatdown in Waretown (8/7/10 Barnegat, NJ SSF4, BBCS. MBAA, GGAC, and MORE!)


Thanks to everyone that came, I hope my first time running a tourney turned out well, even if my turnout (understandably) wasn’t exactly stellar…

Melty Blood AA

1 Ore Wa Daimaoh Da
2 Lord Pan Tong
3 Stickbug
4 Komidol
5 Zaelar
5 Mindgam3
7 Rob K
9 Easy Mode

SSF4 only had 2 entries, so it became a 10 dollar first to five money match

  1. Koray S
  2. Zaelar

BB became a 4 player Round Robin

  1. Ore Wa Daimaoh Da
  2. Stickbug
  3. Windlord0
  4. Sinistar71

Guilty Gear was a 6 player round robin

1 Mindgam3
2 Stickbug
3 Windlord0
4 Gavin
5 Vierge
5 Sinistar71

The Wheel of Bad Games
(games played include Cyberbots, Battle K-Road, Power instinct Matrimelee, World Heroes Jet, Sonic the Fighters, Battle Fantasia, Alpha 1, Shaq Fu, Slammasters 2, KOF Maximum Impact, weaponlord, gundam wing endless duel, Ninja Master’s, and Tekken 6 [lol])

1 Zaelar
2 Windlord0
3 Gavin
4 09er
5 Sinistar71
5 Mindgam3
7 Komidol
7 Ore Wa Daimaoh Da

Highlights include LK pulling off some crazy Sion shenanigans, absolutely awesome food provided by local jack of all trades Sage (meatbuns, pulled pork, and 5 cheese mac n cheese), my mental lapse and mashing throw in bb over and over and over, Stick Fighter, and SANDROCK COMBOS!!!

I’m planning on renting out the building again in January for another tourney, looking forward to seeing everyone again!