The Beatles Thread


Heard Helter Skelter again today and it just got me pumped. So I started this, a Beatles thread. Talk about anything Beatles related here, from early days to post breakup and their kids’ careers.
If you don’t like it, leave it alone, it isn’t the “complain about an old band thread”. If it has already been made, notify me and I will delete it.


My fave Beatles song by far is “Oh! Darling” Paul’s voice is so amazing in it


The Beatles are my favorite band EVER!!! My favorite song from them is I Am the Walrus.

The only song I don’t like from them is Revolution 9. I don’t even call it a song.


Now I want to watch Yellow Submarine again.


Revolver is my favourite album of all time, it just has the greatest songs I’ve ever heard contained in a single album IMO, my favourites being “She said, she said” and “And your bird can sing”.


I took a history of the beatles class. Before, I could barely name 5 songs. Now I can name pretty much all of their albums and a good amount of songs. My favorites are the earlier Bealtes. What’s cool about their music is that they’re awesome karaoke songs. Everybody knows Twist n Shout and Help.


A Beatles history class? Really? Where? I am highly interested, even if I know a lot just from just researching on the web and stuff. Let It Be is my fave album, every single song on there is really good, especially One After 909.


Hey Bulldog is my favourite song.

I didn’t know much or anything at all before the Beatles Rockband, so hats off to the guys behind that game, now Im a huge fan :tup:



One of their last performances. A very good one at that