The beauty of close MK meaty set ups in USF4



Hey boys,

some stuff coming into my mind as I was thinking about meaty set ups with close MK into any follow-up (e.g. sweep or cr.hp).

[Placeholder for all close MK meaty set ups]

So … now you think … zzzzzZZZZZZZ … boring … but … besides that close MK meaty will give +10 on hit and will trade with less effective DPs … close MK does recover incredible fast for a medium --> 9 frames !!! This means that if you go for a meaty set up and your opponent does DWU you will recover in time to block … actually you recover 1-2 frames before he gets up (DWU is 11 frames) and you have perfect timing for a meaty cr.lp (into close mk).

Well this is not super safe and back-dash, FA back-dash, and most DPs will beat it --> you know what … mix it up with HK JT.

So to sum it up:

Meaty close MK will net you 75 Damage 100 Stun &

  • cr.hp into RFA followup up (that you can hitconfirm) --> Big Damage & Stun especially close to the corner
  • Sweep for beefy 110 Damage & 200 stun and another knockdown
  • Any combo you like if you are near the corner

On Counterhit you are at +13

  • Feel free to Ultra 1/2
  • Any combo
  • Maybe walk up a bit and hit another close button

On top you will be safe against DWU … o.O

Actually not that bad … especially the combo into cr.hp and RFA is “yummi” … what do you think ?



Wow, nice work. I will have a go at these next time I’m in the training room. Though I feel Adon’s RFA options are underwhelming, there’s so little style!


Hey … I will try to post all reliable and easy set ups (without manual timing) for close MK that I will find … I got a list of set ups but there must be something wrong with it … maybe you guys can help me out and also post all that you know with close MK hitting on the 5th or 6th active frame --> +10/ +11 on hit

So … as far as I know B.Throw and Sweep knock downs have a wake up time of 50 or 51 frames and F.Throw should have 56 or 57 frames.

Can someone confirm this ?

B.Throw --> 50 frames
F.Throw --> 56 frames
Sweep --> 50 frames
EX JK (grounded) --> ? frames
EX IAJK (grounded) --> ? frames

So if we get all knock down times for all HKD … than I will create a list of meaty close MK set ups.

The nice thing is if your opp. goes for DWU you will be at +1/+2 before he can reversal you … so if you go for a HK JT … you should be again right into his face again or score a CH or juggle (for sure char specific) …

Hands down it is still a risky stuff against DP mashers … but the more I think about it (in combination with all Adons bait specials) the more I like it … not sure if I am able to hit the lab this weekend … maybe I am also not able to watch EVO … 8(

If someone knows the exact wake up times after Adons HKDs … please post here … maybe Seratna knows the exact numbers.



If we get some reliable set ups … than there will be some crazy RFA combos possible (also char specific).

Possible Scenario:

B.Throw --> jump in HP --> close MK (hits meaty) > cr.hp > RFA Dash > close HP > cr.lp > > light RJ > EX RJ (char specific) or MK RJ (close to the corner)

The combo will inflict crazy Damage & Stun and your opp. is very close to dizzy world and the combo is not hard to pull of. The meter build overall is also very nice and you should build enough meter to have the EX for the EX RJ (if not very close to).

Overall (including the b.throw) it should be around 540 Damage & 750 Stun … not sure if I calculated everything right with the scaling but it must be > 500 damage and > 700 stun … followed by another set up into stun and a stocked Ultra … it is GG


I’ve played with it and I cant combo into cr.hp RFA consistently in a match, ive comboed into sweep, far hp and even far roundhouse. I wish you could cancel EVERY normal into RFA cause I would use it more often but RFA wont be ALL normal cancelable.


Jo … well … sweep & cr.hp are both 9 frame start up … so if you are able to combo into sweep … you must be able to combo into cr.hp as well. What I/we really need are the exact wake up frames of our HKDs & SKDs to figure out which set ups will lead to a +10/11 close MK.

Unfortunately I was not able to hit the lab the whole weekend … 8(

B.Throw Time must be 51 frames … because B.Throw --> back dash --> f.dash --> close MK seems to hit perfectly meaty …

@ Cangry
What set ups did you use for the meaties ?


well i haven’t found a real setup for the meaty +9/10/11 to combo with the RFA, but i found one for the +7(could be +8 but someone with better execution could test it out and confirm). While i can’t combo into RFA, that extra frame makes the combos ALOT easier to perform 1framers become 2, 2 becomes 3 etc. etc.

B.Throw or Sweep --> **F.jump whiff jump normal **–> Meaty cl.MK

When u do that meaty and follow with standing mp into super that combo looks kinda nice lol.
But yeah ill keep labbin and if I find more ill be posting it


will a meaty cl.MK beat out the invinc of a dp?

or are these setups assumed to only be used on non-shotos?


It depends on the DP … close MK will trade with some DPs but it is char and DP specific. Against Ryu it trades often but I honestly don’t know against which DP … !? Need to test this …


It is not possible … you would have to change start up of your RFA or recovery and hit stun of the normals … reason why it works with cr.hp, close mp, close HP is simple that they have enough recovery time & hit stun to combo a normal that has 21 frames start up !!!

I would love to have close HK and being RFA cancelable … that would be awesome … so you could do CH close MK into close HK RFA on some chars … ^^


Hi there. As you can see, i am Adon player from Russia.Always read Adon’s threads here, but register just now.Nice to meet everyone! Anyways, I want to share with you set up that i found.
In corner: combo that gives you one hit of lk rj, then reset with st.rh (it’s quite difficult but you can do it because of the new buffs), after that meaty>follow op.
Also, you can mix it up with dash>throw or something.


Hey, it’s me again. Found another great setup inspired by yoro. Works on all roster (unlike the setup above.)
B.throw>lk iajk (lowest)>meaty


Hi … thanks for the set ups … problem with the corner reset is --> it is very character specific … we need a list on the chars this works properly because otherwise it is very unreliable and very hard to hit … there are some chars that juggle higher (like Guy) and there it is easier … but if the close MK is perfectly meaty afterwards … than this is a solid pressure tool and if the meaty hits you get tons of damage potential.


How meaty is it ? Are you able to combo cr.hp afterwards ?



Yep, i’ll post here the full list later. It’s not that hard but you must hit the lab to practice your execution.


Yeah, you can do that beautiful rfa combos with cr.hp but it also need practice.


Good thing for this set up is you also have a good chance to get a counter hit and even get more frame advantage … > 10 on hit