The Beer Thread


So being that it is the greatest holiday of the year, I see it only fitting that we start talking about our favorite kinds of Beer, get generic Beer purchasing advice, or make fun of ninnies who drink Light Beer.

So I’ll start this out.

Beers I am currently found of:
Guinness Draught (only from tap, can’t stand the bottled stuff)
Guinness Extra Stout(only bottled Guiness I enjoy)
Killian’s Irish Red
Michelob AmberBock
Yuengling Traditional.

In this thread about beer, our topic of discussion is the topic of discussing beer

Moretti is a great Italian beer and Ive been fond of peach beers latley too.


HRmm, I have not heard of that kind before.

What kind of flavor does it have, or rather what beer does it taste similar to?


Lech and Tyskie.

Two Polish beers that taste nice, go down easy, are stronger than most beers and come in 500ml bottles :slight_smile:


Its a Pilsner so its light and delicous, kinda like Dry Japanese beer called Asahi which is another great choice now that I think about it.

Asahi is also 500ml, shit, they all should be 500ml with a cork!


I’m pretty into stella artrois at the moment.


I’ve been drinking black and tans lately (half guiness and half bass) It was kinda weird at first but it’s actually pretty good. Other than that Redstripe and Amberbock are my faves.


I’m more of a Gin and Tonic man myself. When I do drink beer though, I like Harp, and Newcastle.


Oh fuck no!

Harp is disgusting and Newcie Brown isn’t too far behind!

G&Ts are nice for a change.


Gotta try those…but I haven’t seen em here.

Three of my favorites :tup:

I just bottled my first homebrew yesterday. Tasted great, and it was flat. Made a brown ale…kinda week on the alcohol, but I’ll be ok.

Went to a beer tasting, and tried a Mesquite beer that tasted as awful as it smelled. Did not agree with my tastes.

Been trying the mix and match thing, and really liked Old Engine Oil, which was a really dark ale.

Gonna have some Newc tonight.


I don’t have too much knowledge on liquor and beer overall. But when it comes to beer I think

Tecate w/ Twang and Corona Extra. That’s as far as i know on decent beer. Any suggestions for me? I’ve tasted Guinness I didn’t like it, Bud Light is meh only if it is the only thing to drink and the females are getting loose. Miller is actually ok to me, and besides those I really never had top tier beer.

Ninja Edit: scratch that I’ve had that one with the blue bull on it lol. My uncle had a lot of those.


Not much of a beer person, but I like

Dos Equis


It’s a dark Czech-style beer brewed here in TX.

Available in 38 states, if it’s available in your area, pick it up!!!


I like Leinenkugel, Blue Moon, and various Sam Adams. That’s about all I drink, along with some girly stuff :).


fat tire



Natty and coors. And I only drink beer If im playing ruit

I love vodka and anything hard more than beer.


Sam Adams Boston Ale is my standby, but I’ll forever have Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in my place.


Most Dutch beers except Heineken which is mediocre at best, I’m more of a rum or whiskey guy anyway.


Innis & Gunn oak aged IPA - incredibly smooth

St. Ambroise oatmeal stout


Judging from the way you spell whiskey, I take it you are more of a fan of American or Irish whiskey instead of scotch?